Choosing The Best Paint Sprayers For Furniture

The choice of interior paint and a paint sprayer in the painting is not a simple thing.  If you want to paint your house interior so beautiful, economical and durable paint sprayers, you should have a best paint sprayer for furniture. Currently, on the market there are many products of the paint sprayer for the interior paint is to choose the best equipment you need to have the experience, knowledge. Through this article, by the experience of painted users who have used and evaluated as useful knowledge, I will give you two choices to choose a paint sprayer for your consideration. That’s two products of the two product well-known companies at the moment. There is a lot of under useful information, tips and hope it will help you a lot, so you can paint the interior of your home so beautiful, best paint savings and save your budget.

Painting the furniture of your house itself is important because the feng shui color choices greatly affect the future health as well as the work of everyone in your family. Besides if the color is the aesthetic elements considered most important, the smooth cover, waterproof, and reliability are the necessary conditions to meet criteria two beautiful and save the house painted.

Coverage and reliability: a significant influence on the beauty house. If you use the cheap paint with the poor quality, you will soon realize its mistake when the house quickly degraded by the non-stick coating, easy peeling, and markers. The choice of high durability paint will help save costs and the cost of paint furniture refinishing. Some requirements when after finishing painting furniture:

  • Nice smooth surface
  • Clean formidable
  • Backfill the perfect small cracks
  • Antibacterial effect
  • Prevent mold optimization

Colors: Cold tones favored by widely expressed, cool. Warm colors, it will be difficult to incorporate more appropriate, but it will also make your home become very personality

Waterproofing: you should especially pay attention to the objective external factors such as weather, the conditions around that make appropriate choices for their homes. With the weather with heavy rainfall and high humidity, the type of high waterproofing paint is the preferred option.

Steps to paint the wooden furniture of your house

best paint sprayer for furniture

Using the old furniture is not a new problem with the modern house of today. After a period of use, the furniture in your house will be fading, they look old, would look very bad. So to save money to buy furniture for the house, the simplest way is that you paint all kinds of old furniture. To use the old furniture we need to refresh it and re-create the original feature. If they are old, do not throw them away, the painting will make them new again, beautiful and important things that you can continue to use them. You can paint your furniture easy and efficient.  Paint by yourself with old furniture is not difficult, you just need to be prepared in advance and follow the steps as follows:


  • Specify the type of paint, paint and painting method that suits you. Guns for better surface but requires large investments in equipment. The spray paint cans but also for the beautiful surface and relatively high cost. Brush painting method is still the most commonly used.
  • Prepare the necessary tools and paint guns, paint brushes (should choose the good kind, not molt when scanning), washcloth, underwear beneath the floor to avoid wire.
  • Prepare the wood surface: Remove all accessories such as handles protrude, hitch pin. Other details such as locking sink, sink latch should be covered with tape. If the surface is not painted ever you need to review the cracks, holes and filling them with putty. Use fine sandpaper polished substrate.

The process of painting

Step 1: First you paint a primer

First, you should paint the entire surface of the furniture to be painted with a primer. This primer should be applied very thinly and evenly.

 Step 2: Coating items / furniture

After the primer to dry, you proceed to create a coating. If you remember to use paint brushes dimensional scan of the wood grain, the paint will easily fill the gaps and leave little trace more brooms. If the coating is still thin, you can paint one layer more.

 Step 3: Finishing

Wait dry, insert the details in place and put into use. Remember to check the paint dry completely dry because if only the painted surface very easily damaged by collision.  With repainting old furniture like this, you absolutely have the ability to own a piece of furniture completely new wood they are even more eye-catching and beautiful when you just bought. Important is the preparation you have to choose carefully, carefully chosen matching paint your furniture is wood or plastic, artificial wood or natural wood… Or you can ask experts for advice on the type of paint to be more perfect job.

Tips choose the best paint sprayer

To paint the furniture in the house, you can paint with a brush and a paint sprayer with paint applied by brush … but is not very nice at the surface paint, the paint does not have and is not durable … Therefore, we recommend you should buy a paint sprayer to paint the furniture in your home in your spare time, can paint anytime and so save time as well as your money. In today’s market there are many manufacturers paint sprayer, with many designs, sizes and prices vary. Products originating from China is cheap but the quality is not good, there are two renowned firms from the USA is GRACO, and WAGNER with product and spray paint on a very good, very suitable for painting furniture in the house yours. In this article, I will provide you with useful knowledge about using a paint sprayer, how to maintain and repair them. Hopefully through this article, you will be easier for you to choose the best paint job for your sprayer.

Using a paint sprayer

The pressure of air when used for air compressors

Pressure for gun paint sprayer is generally from 0:24 to 0:29 depending on the type Mpa and equipment that you adjust the air pressure so that it matches. In most cases, you just let the pressure of 3 kg is satisfactory. Particularly with low-pressure paint sprayer gun use only 0.1 MPa to 0:15 MPa (1 to 1.5 kg of air pressure), the spray nozzle pressure is also low. This technology you can understand as an orange when you throw it against the wall if you hurl it will bounce back strongly, but when you throw lightly, it will bounce back slightly. This moment will stick by peeling paint adhesion.

If you use a paint sprayer gun low pressure to 6 kg of air pressure, not only will not save the paint, but also a waste of paint than conventional paint gun. There are many products if used properly, can save 25-50% of the paint. So many painters to 6 kg of air pressure are common mistakes or encountered.

Using the air compressor with a capacity greater than or equal to the capacity of the paint spray gun

For portable spray paint will require air compressor with a capacity of 0.4 kW to 1.5 usually kw or 0.5 HP to 2 HP (1HP = 0.75 kw). When you use the air compressor has enough capacity, then spray paint the furniture is new and nice smooth. If not enough capacity requirements, the paint particles will be ejected to and not smooth, this time covering coats are very bad furniture.

The safety rules when using the paint sprayer equipment

  • Check carefully everything in the area including the pump and spray paint containers, whether any explosive material or obstructing objects in your painting process.
  • With control unit, you must check to make sure that it was grounded or not, and grounded with material to be painted
  • To clean the hooks, hangers and bars installed before proceeding with spray paint because that is where we set up to paint furniture. If they are dirty, then the process will paint the same painting sticky dirt on furniture, it is harmful to furniture.
  • You need to remember the full gloves, safety boots and respirators, goggles and helmet. We will protect you from the paint during painting, the paint stick and ear or eye, so is hazardous and must not be left in the paint masks to your paint into the lungs is extremely dangerous.
  • Check the gas hose, nozzle coating can see where not clogged, no leak somewhere. Check the air pressure and the pressure of the fluid, check the notification light on the device.

Maintenance the paint sprayer

  • When not in use, you need to turn off the device completely.
  • When hanging the paint gun, you just hang it head down to the amount only after the work of paint will flow out.
  • Check the gas nozzle and cap paints. If the paint is still attached you need to clean them with a soft brush and solvent. Clean the gun body.

With furniture paint, then we should choose the model’s paint gun diameter is 1.3 or 1.5 fluid needle. Paint now used as functional (coated and glossy)

  • Control speed : speed from 30-60 cm/s
  • Spray overlap : rolling paint at ½ – 1/3 of the paint injection
  • Suitable distance : between the paint gun sprayer and coated surface from 200-300 mm
  • Width side of spraying : adjust for spraying with the coated surface a width about 10 cm
  • Angle spray: Spray gun and spraying material to form a 90 degree angle to operate.
  • These situations encountered and how to solve the furniture spray paint

After painting, the paint not be sprayed

  • You need to check the steam pipe
  • You check the paint gun and clean, wash parts in solvents.
  • Check back of the nozzle needle paint
  • You check the paint was mixed with dust or dirt see the falls and mixed into the coating solution is not, if it is dirty, you take a new paint filter or replace parts

Paint out make the large nuts

  • Check the environment around you is working, the ambient wind, pressure regulator to review the paint
  • Check paint gun particulate matter in the lead paint
  • Check the paint for having any problem.

Uneven area dimension of paint spray

  • Check knob spray paint around the area
  • Inspect whether the loss is no obstruction needle
  • Check top gun and wash it for avoid being choked up, soaking the paint gun parts in solvents to wash


  • You always remember cleaning the paint gun after work is completed, the case worked well as you must clean more thoroughly the coating paint system
  • When you clean or disassemble for all parts of paint gun, but you should only clean the paint section passing.
  • Carefully, do not put too much pressure on the fluid needle of paint sprayer , keep the suitable air pressure.

Final thoughts

The work painted furniture has many benefits, cost savings and time for you. However, if after having a paint sprayer appropriate, how to use the expertise and comply with all safety rules during labor. But you should also refer to the color and quality of paint you want to paint on the furniture. Not things you always painted itself as a new beautiful but if you find it difficult to take out furniture repair shop for further advice. Through this article, I hope that will help you a lot to choose the best equipment for your job.

For more information, please visit Go Paint Sprayer.


Consulting For Selecting The Best Headphones Under 50 USD

What do Headphones use to do?

In essence, the headset is not only each player function but headphones are now becoming common with any technology activities. We can divide the headset out under the following two main purposes:

  1. Headphones Music: A headset optimized for listening to music, is now gradually towards compact and convenient. Most headsets currently made to meet the player. Headphones listening to music or the balance headphones range, sounding clear, high-resolution detail.
  2. Headphones gaming / movie: A headset for gaming or watching movies are usually full-size (large type beam head), often have a mic to chat in the game, the high-end gaming headset more often driver in one ear. To be a gaming headset / headphone movie or the sort that often have good sound (e.g., gunshots, explosions of bombs were put in place to create the feeling 3d) and usually have sound heroic, powerful.

What main types of headphones?

Headphones have a lot of variations, currently has three main categories ear:

  1. Headphones In-ear: The name says it all, the headset is tucked deep in the ear canal listeners. Great advantages of this type are extremely high usability. Compact, usually good sound insulation to the outside, many … Current sleek headset manufacturers are aiming to do more because of nature In-ear headset noisy life now; people can still enjoy sound bar without bother to external noise.
  2. Earbud Headphones: type is somewhat larger ear In-ear put 1 bit, put on-ear wearing style exterior of everybody. This style is also rather popular; there is also high usability but not by being In-ear soundproof than just wearing loose outside. But so that Earbud wearing more comfortable, more open In-ear.
  3. Full-size Headset: the biggest type, wearing boss both ears and has one headrest (headband). This kind of usability is not loud, high and difficult carried way carried away. But in return for clear sound quality than two types. Cause there are good sound features, many high-end headphones on 500 dollars or even thousands of dollars are still common into the designs.

There’s also some other types such as Custom IEM (Advanced In-near headset), Clip-On Headphones (ear clip), Neckband ( the around neck style), but not very common!People interested

What kinds of music that you listen to?

A lot you can not only listen to music but the name of each type of music you listen to, so I would split into two main groups:

  1. Music sharply (Classic, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Dance…): Always these type headphones need blood and fire, strong. Headphones should rock bass (bass) beat fast and intense; the high-pitched tone is not high but still negative mid high-resolution detail. But headset Pop, Dance, it should focus on strong bass, epic, can pull one little tail was!
  2. Light Music (Acoustic music, Acapella, Ballad…): There should be compact bass, no repercussion too long, mid-sweet or bar per person depending on preferences but must have a good detail, but not hight treble ( dazzling). Often people liked listening to soft music soundstage (the transient sounds) to be very good.

Choose a headset from a well-known brand?

There are many headphones from many companies on the market but I listed some main headphones brands:

Sennheiser headphone:

One of the oldest headphone company and is a famous company from Germany. It has tremendously headphones stretching 10 USD to more than one thousand USD. Headphones Sen does not take the one direction at all, some headphones with soothing sound 1, 1 of the achievement back strong … But I can say that the company Sennheiser is easy going, easy to find, pleasant …

+ Sony Corp.: It is not only well-known in the sound image that Sony but also quite successful. The Japanese headphone maker is known for anti-noise technology of high-quality headphones. Currently, Sony leads the trend more than In-ear headphones Full-size.

+ Koss headphone: a headphone company from USA, Koss headphones strong part Clip On Full-size , they have strong about light sound and easy listening.

+ Audio-Technica headphone: a Japanese headphone company again, it is quite famous about using A, AD to the mid of colorful positive and sweet, the M line for more powerful sound. Now the company is also famous the In-ear trend.

+ Denon headphone: This company is known for its headphone series D (7000,5000 ) with strong horror bump and deep bass.

+ AKG headphone: Also this firm is well known, most of its headphones bring the detailed sound, high enough, open and mid-range. The most famous line of its is K line ( the full-size headphones)

+ Shure: An audio company of USA, earphone, and microphone manufacturer. It has a few lines but maybe the most famous of it is the Se different In-ear headphones. Shure usually warm, mid thick.

+ Beats: A firm headphones huge market share has been Apple’s recent acquisition. Beats headphones do with style and fashion colors, powerful bass sound with hearing Dance, Hip Hop.

+ SoundMAGIC: This is a time trend, the PL11 or E10 is considered the high performance of the price range. Currently, SoundMAGIC probably in Vietnam is declining because of competition from other airlines.

+ Somic: Somic was part gaming headset manufacturer, is a large market share in Vietnam. Somic sound 3D epic and well sorted is the top choice of many hand game players. Somic many price range, but usually fluctuate less than $ 100; there are only a few more advanced 1 150 USD

+ Beyerdynamic: A headset anymore firms to industrial giants from Germany, Beyer has many headsets pretty or as DT880, DT990 … The company mainly makes full-size headphones.

+ Dunu: An emerging company in Taiwan, most do In-ear headphones. Dunn also has many different price range, many different sounds. This is a new company, often adopt new technologies more cheaply European outsourcing firms or America

+ RHA: Headphones UK firm also emerging, but famous for being sold in the Apple Store, use more advanced materials and new technology to get people interested

Some Consulting for Best Headphones Under 50$  For Selecting

If you plan to buy a headset with a budget under $ 50, the following can form part of your needs. You can consider the following as a reference sample and select the headset like the best for you; the following headsets come from the firm’s reputation and good quality.

Best Headphones under 50 dollars



NuForce NE-600M is considered sound quality product commensurate with the level of $ 30 equipment contract. NuForce NE-600M-quality sound no less competitive with the NE-700M model is priced almost double its sale. In appearance, NuForce NE-600M has designed as earphones (in-ear headphones) with anti-tangle cable is quite an effective cleaning. NuForce NE-600M is equipped with the microphone and remote control – quite appropriate when using headphones combined with newer mobile devices today. If you feel the microphone and control buttons are not needed, the user can select the NuForce NE-600 version (without the suffix “M”) is priced lower than $ 5.

Also in the choice of price range around 30 US dollars, in addition to 2 options, users can also select the NuForce NE-600x also models easily listening sound quality, spacious soundstage, and warm bass


Sennheiser HD 203 (about 40 dollars) is considered the first capture headset can form around-ear lightweight design provides comfort to the user. Only 50% of the volume source, the Sennheiser HD 203 has enough “drown” the listeners in all genres of music. Or products containing natural sound dark, but quite detailed, the band sounds very clear and natural high. With users’ favorite in-ear design, the Sennheiser CX281 (50 USD) and OMX180 (40 USD contract) are two options of interest. The duos are the overall sound quality and less picky fairly musical. However, Sennheiser CX281 can share music with a headset using the 3.5 mm plug other. OMX180 own model to be built in microphone and remote control over the signal cable.


Users favorite Sony brand with plans to invest in a set of headphones with $ 50 range many different options. From stuffed ear lightweight design, until the products serve the needs of outdoor activities, to take the first models plentiful. If you love shooting ear design (around-ear headphones) – Sony MDR-MA102TV (about 40 USD) and is a good choice for light quality natural sound, the sound is quite a harmonious floor, though the bass was slightly lighter. With users love the compact, the Sony MDR-EX37B (30 USD) has good noise immunity, the overall sound pretty, the plump, warm bass note and did not cause ear fatigue even longer listening. Sony MDR-AS41EX own model (45 USD), but also has the form of stuffed ear headphone design but it also favors rims equipped with soft rubber ear to augment the “stalk” for this headset – very suitable for sports activities or outdoor use. Besides the ability to “grip”, the Sony MDR-AS41EX can work well under light rain. The sound quality of this lightweight headset can also put in a decent, full bass and sweet, quite consistent with the genre’s most popular young.


Logitech UE 100 (12 USD) is designed headsets with ears stuffed form, but there are specially designed to provide in a sense of comfort when used, has supported resistance to passive noise quite effectively. This form of the ordinary headset with up to 5 different color choices. Accompanying each product also has four selection buffer to replace silicon stuffed ears. Design diaphragm placed at an angle of Logitech UE 100 Small contribute towards the sound to listeners a quite natural way. Products for quite a limpid sound but bass are a little power when showing the vibrant genre.


Genius GHP-460S (30 USD) has designed on-ear headphones form a compact, midrange sound, and downs quite fond of “fit” with the genre’s most popular young. A portion of the first capture surround headphones wrapped a thick foam padding artificial leather looks quite a chic look quite “right taste” with leather design on two cloves ears. However, the Genius GHP Hood arch-460S still pretty hard, should pressurize still quite large ears are not suitable for continuous use for those with large head size. Products with a total of three color options including green, pink and yellow.


Creative EP-630 (25 USD) with the design looks quite similar to the model of the Sennheiser CX300. With design tucked deep into the ear canal, the Creative EP-630 also proved quite effective in limiting the environmental noise from outside. Products also have three choices rubber buffer sizes stuffed ear to users freely select a suitable set. Although not very smooth midrange bands to hear the vocal genre, the Creative EP-630 sound quality is quite detailed, high-range sound in natural light and warm bass range. Users who prefer to purchase the Creative EP-630 an integrated mic for phone user can also choose the same name but with the suffix “i” at the end.


Gazz GAVIO headset series, Gazz +, AI2 GAVIO with prices around 30 USD is also a good choice for users interested in a plan to purchase an in-ear headset. Design tucked deep into the ear of the headphones GAVIO contributes to creating a very personal music space, eliminates the noise from the environment while ensuring comfort for the user. Two compact bulbs ear but still have identification marks left / right clear. Most of the products in-ear headphones brand quality bass sound so fond of the high tone range are somewhat overwhelmed at low volumes. However, the medium-range sound is reproduced well-known and will not collapse. If you owned a Blackberry, HTC or iPhone and preferred a lightweight headset with warm bass performance, the products of such GAVIO Gazz, Gazz + and AI2 is really interesting choices.

Thanks for reading. For more reviews of best headphones under 50$, pls visit AFFORDABLE HEADPHONES CENTER

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Known brands of baby pack and play

A pack and play is a safe playground for your child. Once your baby is born, you can put him in the pack and play. When your baby is very young, yet the pack and play for him will not pit, but rather a place to sleep. You can use the pack and play than just to keep your baby with you in the neighborhood, even during naps. Your baby is pleasant with sounds to be heard around. From the time your baby is three months old, the pack and play will increasingly become a playground. Put your baby from then regularly in the pack and play with some soft toys so that he can move well and develop. Even if your child is older, the pack and plays remain safe playgrounds. Before your baby grows up, you can lower the ground.

Buying tips for a pack and play

To make sure that you buy a safe pack and play, there are some buying tips for you below put in a nutshell:

  • Always make sure that you get a manual in your pack and play. Check here for example in weight to which pack and play is appropriate.
  • A pack and play should have a smooth finish.
  • A pack and play should have a stable structure, please note also that when the bottom is adjustable, the pack and play is also stable with soil in the highest position.
  • The space between the bottom and the side wall must not be more than 0.5 cm. And the distance from the top of the bottom to the highest point of the side of the pack and play should be at least 60 cm in the lowest position and 30 cm when the bottom is set at the highest position.
  • Between the bars should be the distance between 4.5 and 6.5 cm. When you choose a net pack and play, the mesh can be up to 0.7 cm.
  • When you buy a collapsible pack and play, the closing mechanism must automatically click into the lock position and may open the closure in only two steps.
  • When the pack and plays have wheels, you should be able to block it.
  • Note finally that your playmat should always fit properly, to prevent your baby gets under.

  • Once you have purchased a pack and play, you must mind its location this is a safe place. This means that the pack and plays are not the close allowed to stand at the heating, in plants or in the vicinity of cords, for example, of the curtains. Your baby could get caught up in this. Bind no further toys with strings stuck in the pack and play and no mobile hang below the edge of the box, because your baby there in may and could become entangled in the wires. Put finally, not too many toys in the pack and play.

Want to know which brands provide the best pack and play? or to Read best pack and play reviews? Below is a summary:

  • Coming Kids: Coming Kids is a brand of Dutch origin that offers a wide range of products for baby, toddler, and junior rooms. Coming Kids also offers a variety of stalls and fashionable matching accessories for the nursery such as bedding, mosquito nets, cushions, and lamps.
  • Bopita: Bopita is a well known and reputable brand for your little one. Bopita offers beds, cots and cribs to baby to adult. Bopita has plenty of choices next to it in boxes in a variety of styles: modern, colorful, romantic, but tough.

  • Childwood: Childwood is an attractive brand that supplies various products to decorate an entire baby room or nursery. Think of trendy furniture, mattresses, and bedding. Additionally, Childwood also has boxes and various security products in its range, such as door and stair gates.
  • Bebies First: Bebies First is a trendy brand. Bebies First offers all the children’s rooms, but also occasional furniture like cribs, beds, boxes and wardrobes for your child. Bebies First offers besides a broad assortment also an excellent value for money.
  • Geuther: For more than a century, Geuther is known for its high-quality baby products. Besides boxes, high chairs and cribs Geuther offers a comprehensive range of safety products including stair gates. Geuther is liked as a brand for parents who set extremely high demands on the safety of their child.


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10 tips for a great camping trip in your own backyard garden

Now the time has come to choose a vacation. The exotic destination fly around your ears, but more and more people realize that the holiday can also be relax and have fun at home. They choose to camp at the backyard garden and keep a “staycation“. Go to the supermarket get cheap camping tents for sale and it can also be great fun!

Why a backyard garden camping trip?

There are several reasons why you may choose to keep a backyard garden camping trip:

  • Because there is no money to pay for a vacation – not everyone has money to pay for a vacation. Rather than go further into debt, more and more people choose to camp at their own garden.
  • To save money – some people do have money to go on vacation, but decide to stay at home anyway, so the money they save can be used in the rainy days, for example, a new kitchen, or pay off the mortgage or save for a better retirement
  • Because it is better for the environment – some people prefer not to travel too much, in order to reduce the Co2 emissions. They stay at home because they do not want to get on a car or a plane.
  • To avoid the crown – while everyone is on holiday, it is nice and quiet in your own house. If you do not like the crown or you do not want to go so far away, camping in the garden is the best solution!

10 tips for a great backyard garden camping

To have a nice camping trip in your own home, you can take the following preparation tips:

  • Make sure all household chores are done before the camping begins at the garden. So you can immediately start to relax as there is no more concern
  • Also make sure that the garden is nice and tidy, so you (if possible) can sit in the garden for sunbathing.
  • Treat a backyard garden camping trip just like a real vacation. If during your holidays, you always bring a pile of books, you can also get these at home for your camping garden “staycation”.
  • Because you have no travel time and things need to unpack you can immediately pick tents for sale at the shop and start enjoying your camp. This gives you less time to get in the holiday mood and so you can try a shorter holiday. This means that for example three times per single week for a backyard garden camping, throughout the year. So you will never have to wait a year before you can be on vacation again . What a luxury life, huh?
  • Go in advance to the Tourist Office, to get information about the area where you live. You will be surprised by how many museums, farmers markets, festivals and other fun things there are to do in the area, which you otherwise would not know at all.
  • Bring your laptop and work phone with you too. It is tempting every day to check your email, if you’re at home. This ensures that you can not let go of the job and that is sin of the holiday!
  • Choose a nice week menu in advance and remove all the left over already in the house. This allowed you to have the best vacation with more luxurious than usual, for example, with tasty bacon for breakfast and salmon for dinner.
  • Surround yourself also with supply of luxury. Get a nice mask at home and hold a spa day with a super long table and a massage from your partner.

  • A backyard garden camping is also fun for children. There are always other children at home during the holidays, where they can play with. Sleepovers, camping in the private garden and endless water fights are fun activities for children. Opt for cheap camping tents for sale at the supermarket for these activities.
  • Make sure people from work do not know that you are at home during your vacation. This prevents colleagues from calling you right about all kinds of problems. You can tell in advance that you are going to book at last minute. After your vacation you just say you could not find anything fun and that is why you stayed at home.

Good luck and have fun!

From Will Young – Family Tent Center

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Main criteria when buying a swing for your baby

The swing for babies has greatly evolved over the years. They are now at the forefront of technology as some models can connect to a mp3. The child will be lulled by the gentle music. Here is a buying guide that includes the main criteria that require attention when buying a swing for your baby.

The musical based on a baby swing

With the rocking, the baby is likely to quickly get to sleep, to calm his anxieties with the accompany of music. Some also really enjoy music, as the baby wraps it in a cocoon punctuated by softness. This framework is essential and promotes the welfare of the child. Some products even have more features and engine becomes very interesting when accompanied by a musical function. Several songs are recorded and several products have 10 different environments.

To help him sleep in a serene and comforting frame, the swing can offer several types of melodies, but some reminiscent of nature. The latter has some soothing. As for the concept of the selection of speed and time of the swing, parents will have the opportunity to use a timer dedicated to the dissemination of music. Once again the child will not intervene in the settings because the panel is out of reach. This is a very nice concept inspired by different mobile that can be installed on top of the child’s bed.

Connecting to an MP3 player

Many manufacturers have even decided to further push the skills of swing adapting to new technologies. The baby swing reviews model has the possibility to connect to an MP3 player directly on the swing. Prerecorded melodies are usually very interesting, but the baby can pay attention to other kinds of music. Parents can opt for a model that has a USB port so that the range of songs and melodies are much wider. With the latter, it is quite possible to connect an MP3 player in order to disseminate the favorite music of the child.

Take into account the age and weight of the child

The baby swing can be used from birth until about 9 months. This age is an indication, however, as some children develop faster than others, the using time may be shorter. When they can no longer stay in a lying or half-sitting position, it is recommended that parents should not use this childcare product. The weight is also an important criterion when choosing, as it can affect the stability of the baby swing. Most brands offer swings which are designed for children whose weight reached 11 kg or more. This criterion is again an indication because it is the most important regarding the stability of the baby swing structure and the safety for the child.

For the conditions are the most optimized, it is wise to opt for a reference which would be suitable for children aged up to nine months whose weight does not exceed 11 kg. Regarding use from birth, the product must provide a fully extended position, for a good development of the back and especially the baby’s spine.

The speed setting and the selection of time

The swings for babies have largely evolved in recent years. Some manufacturers have decided to incorporate a convenient mechanism for children to be rocked without parental involvement. The baby then may well calm down or fall asleep peacefully. Several products are on the market and they stand out thanks to various features. Babymoov Bubble, a Bubble model sold by Babymoov has five speeds that can be adjusted through a discreet control panel and without the risk to the child. The latter can not intervene and change the speed. Other references provide a larger number and the setting can generally achieve more than six levels.

For the concept to be optimized, parents have the opportunity to adjust the swing in a while. The child will be rocked for 8, 15 or 30 minutes depending on the time setting. It is an interesting concept because it allows parents to adapt the product to the needs of the baby. The swing will stop automatically when the selected time is exceeded.

That is all I know about the purchase of a baby swing. Hope that you find useful information here. Good luck!


The electric essential oil diffuser

Here are some properties of the electric essential oil diffuser and recommendations for the use of essential oil for this machine.

Match with essential oil, color and water mist

The electric essential oil diffuser is a typical wellness product: It is applied with a side view of real benefit if wellness components are not enough. Some experts classify it as a humidifier with an even remotely serious efficiency would amply ambitious in view of its 80-milliliter tank. Instead, it relies on a device for a good job scenting. Users of the electric essential oil diffuser find the visual very attractive which are completely satisfied with his performance, handling and low noise.

Scented up to three hours on one tankful

The clientele raises completely different advantages of the device shows: The unit had more relaxation function and get on well, especially with children. It diffuses from the 80- to 100-milliliter water tank in about 2 to 3 hours as visible micro fine mist in the air. For this purpose, it uses the in atomizers to raise the humidity usual ultrasonic atomization method, works quietly and turns at empty tank automatically. The LED color change relaxes the eyes and can be stopped at a favorite color – but completely switched off function appears not to be.

“Oasis of fragrance and light”

The closer to the wellness products instead of a relationship to humidifiers discloses it, however, with its misting with essential fragrance oils as desired and its changing play of colors. The “oasis of fragrance and light” turns reportedly in fact a – immediately after switching on the device and also completely unaffected by the usual side effects such as lime deposits on furniture or mold and bacteria flocks in the device itself would be in this context, however, a. been heating function desirable as it own modern sprayers for microbial elimination. Who does not interfere with, acquires for just under 40 euros (Amazon) certainly a visually successful, relaxation promotional device.

Aroma fragrance lamp and other devices?

For the distribution of the fragrant and healing essences in space there are many ways. The best known is certainly the use of an aroma lamp: By a tealight case a water-oil mixture is heated. The essential oil rises to the water vapor and disperses in space. It is advisable for 3 to 5 drops of oil and a little water. Also, you should limit the time of the application on 10 to 20 minutes or less.

Instead, you can also use a special flavor unit. Such a device is much easier to use and above all safe, because the essential oils are not heated, but is distributed through an adjustable air flow quickly and effectively in space. Even before you perceive it consciously, the fragrance has fulfilled the whole room.

Essential oils – quality and application

Aromatherapy: quality of the oil is critical

Who only use a special scent for the whole house, the probably one bottle of oil from the supermarket may be inexpensive (and almost always produced in the laboratory). In aromatherapy, however, the quality – and thus is a 100 percent purity meant – plays a crucial role. To achieve the, the oil should be recovered completely from a stock plant.

By distillation, expression or extraction, the valuable flavorings are obtained, even from the root, times of bark, flower or leaf. All procedures are complicated and expensive, which explains the fortuitous price. The duplicates synthetically produced have no way the effectiveness of the originals – more than the fragrance.

Quality criteria for essential oils

Currently there are essential oils not yet have a reliable quality criterion. A certain degree of security for the authenticity of its oil you have, if the following information can be identified: the batch number, the Latin and the German botanical name should be mentioned on the bottle. Country of origin and details of controlled organic cultivation or wild cultivation can not be missing. Synthetic, so artificial additives should be added in no case, which can be risky especially for allergy sufferers.

Essential for the quality of an essential oil is the purity. In order to offer cheap oil is diluted frequently. Biggest security and thus guarantee for purity and genuineness guarantee ethereal quality oils from the pharmacy or from qualified dealers who also have an appropriate knowledge with regard to the application. Feel advance to the oils, so you can determine whether you like the fragrant essence.

To get started, it is recommended for citrus scents that are perceived with their fresh, fruity fragrance by most people to be pleasant. Use at the beginning of the most only a single scent, avoid fragrance mixtures of many essences. Watch always your wellbeing.


Electric essential oil diffuser test – the best of essential oils

An electric essential oil diffuser gives off a soothing scent in the house. It should be filled with natural essential oils. An electric essential oil diffuser has replaced the fragrance lamp in many homes today. It has actually much more significant advantages compared to the fragrance lamp, but only if it can also be filled with essential oils. What equipment do you recommend? A good alternative is simple diffuser, consisting of a bottle, sticks and scented oil. They can be tinkered even completely by yourself.

What is an electric essential oil diffuser?

The electric room fragrance diffuser is subject to device flavored water vapor or aroma substances directly into the ambient air. It can be filled with different products. In addition to the room scents, many manufacturers offer especially the filling with natural essential oils. Most devices have low power consumption and also look visually very beautiful. So you are equally as decorative.

The simple solution: Essential oil diffuser with incense

Very much cheaper and also very effective are simple sticks diffuser. They consist in principle of only one bottle and wooden sticks that absorb the fragrance and give to the room air. In the bottle, the fragrance solution is poured. The chopsticks drink their fill with the liquid and give the essential oils gradually into the room. The more sticks are placed in the bottle, the more intense the scent.

Advantages of essential oil diffuser with incense

Whether electric or with the chopsticks, an essential oil diffuser is more practical than an incense burner because the devices do not need to be supervised. A fragrance lamp is operated with a candle should never be left unattended. The variant with the stick is the most environmentally friendly, because this power is not needed. However, the electrical devices are more efficient. The amount of room fragrance to be released into the air, can be here exactly adjust. So you can choose whether you want only a subtle or more perfuming the rooms with these devices.

Diffuser Test: Which devices do you prefer?

Buying necessarily a device that can be filled with essential oils as a room fragrance. This actually works in all devices, which are operated with water because synthetic fragrances have certain disadvantages. For example, they can cause allergies and headaches. Natural essential oils, on the other hand, do not only smell good, but also have health benefits. Peppermint makes a good example alert and clear. Lemon can remove unpleasant odors and acts mood enhancing. Rose oil, sandalwood or ylang ylang, however, look very relaxing and soothing. So you can see that you can also do something for your wellbeing with essential oils.

A good electric essential oil diffuser looks beautiful, has a low power consumption and can be arbitrarily filled with natural essential oils. Do not buy a product that may be operated by manufacturer solely with synthetic air fresheners.

Making your own essential oil diffuser with wooden sticks

You can easily tinker the simple diffuser with wooden sticks. All you need is a decorative, narrow and high vessel, for example, a no longer required bottle without a lid or a small vase. In this vessel, fill the perfume. If you want to use essential oils, however, you should dilute these. It may be performed on each odorless vegetable oil such as sunflower oil. Mix sunflower oil with an essential oil or a mixture of your choice. The intensity defined by you. It is recommended for a ratio of three parts sunflower oil and one part essential oils. Fill the oil blend now in the vessel and put into it 5-10 wooden sticks. You can use simple wooden skewers (skewers) or bamboo chopsticks. The important thing is that it is untreated wood.

Application and effect of essential oils

Apply essential oils by aroma devices or essential oil diffuser especially for discomfort in the respiratory system or for an effect in the psycho-emotional sphere. Natural essential oils are versatile because they:

  • increase well-being, act as sleep inducing, stimulating, mood-lifting
  • act with respiratory illness such as colds, coughs and colds
  • suitable as pure fragrance application that improves the room atmosphere
  • act against annoying mosquitoes and insects, especially during the summer months


  • Orange: has a refreshing and invigorating, therefore also as effective against odors; provides energy and vitality.
  • Lavender: keeps mosquitoes and other pests away; helps with stress and tension; strengthens the self-confidence; has a balancing, soothing, and uplifting.


Tips & Tricks & Others


Information about sewing machines

It is very simple to obtain sewing machines that have limited stabbing, but there are also devices that can embroider independently. The more gadgets a sewing machine have, the more expensive the machine. Want to buy a sewing machine, or compare different sewing machines? Below you can read more information about best sewing machines for beginners.

The free arm

With a free arm, it is easier for sewing include trouser legs and sleeves. A free arm sewing machine has a removable corner portion so that the machine can be easily transformed into a sewing surface.

Sewing machine motor

If you need to sew heavier fabrics (such as denim, or leather) or use at a lower speed, to maintain optimum puncture strength, you need a machine with a more powerful engine.


The disadvantage of a heavy weight at a sewing machine is that you can easily move the machine. The advantage of this is that a sewing machine with a heavier weight is more stable compared with a lightweight sewing machine.

Sewing machine buying tips

To purchase a sewing machine, it is important to get some things straight. Make a clear list of features and functions that you may want to have in a sewing machine. Specify these options / features for yourself digits. If you are going to buy just 1 for fun, it is not really necessary, but 10 machines in a row would be different. Determine how much you intend to sew and what materials you want to sew.

With this list, you can avoid over going in the shop to purchase a luxury sewing machine, if you do not plan to sew very complicated things. Conversely, you can also become aware of sewing techniques which you have never used them, but are very convenient.


  • What kind of substances can be sewn with the machine? For sewing heavy fabrics, you need a machine with a good sewing machine motor, 120 watts (DC) sewing drive
  • Ease of operation: Many machines are computer controlled and have a window in which all information and / or advice with various stabbing can be read on their application.
  • Computerized sewing machines are very useful, but we do realize that a defect is that repair can be quite expensive.
  • Easy to change feet: There are many possibilities: decisive stand, English seam foot, button sewing foot, or rolled hem, in two sizes, blind hem foot, embroidery foot, foot slots, wrinkle foot, blind zipper foot
  • Transport above: this prevents the fabric skew while sewing.
  • Different needle positions, left, right, center and any intermediate
  • Logical and easy way of threading.
  • Indicator light when bobbin is running out in stitching attachments.
  • Ease of operation of the machine, you can consult the owner’s manual board without any time using the machine.
  • The machine can also embroider, whatever are the available possibilities, let it certainly be demonstrated.

Where to buy the machine:

  • Gives the retailer adequate and clear information on the use, then you can come back later if you have any questions.
  • What brand do you choose: the service, the machine dealer will repair or send your machine, the guarantee, which is covered by the warranty and for how long.
  • Ask for a demonstration, so you can decide for yourself whether the machine can sew satisfactorily different fabrics: knits, denim, voile / curtains, leather are not sewn as well on all machines.
  • Try yourself the machine in the store, the salespeople are often very adept at handling the machine, this convenience also applies to you. Can you settle easily set up the machine, make an effort, smooth pedal slowly and quickly with easy foot.


  • Do you have experience with sewing?
  • How will you use the machine? Think only of kids rugs and easy summer skirts, or want to make a winter coat of thick tweed and jeans or make embroidery or applications?
  • How often do you use the machine?
  • Do you have a preference for a particular brand and why?
  • Does the machine a fixed place or should you ever move them?
  • Do you know what the differences are between the different types?
  • And not unimportant, how much would you pay for the machine?

Good luck with the purchase!


Comparison of different essential oil diffusers

I use almost every day my essential oil diffuser by micro diffusion to relax, to release my airways or to clean the air of my house. I decided to present the main broadcasters of essential oils, their advantages, disadvantages and personal experience. As a gift, here is a comparison of essential oil diffusers according to essential oil diffuser reviews

You have no diffuser but want to enjoy the benefits of essential oils.

My little tips:

I picked up a flat stone in my garden. It is on my nightstand. At the time of sleep, I put A drop of essential oil (I use the eucalyptus to breathe better) on the stone. So I enjoy the therapeutic properties of essential oil for a short period, time to sleep.

The electric diffuser by micro diffusion diffuser essential oils

The essential oil diffuser electric by micro diffusion is the most efficient to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Essential oils are projected into tiny droplets and disperse into the atmosphere.

It is suitable for therapeutic use (against viruses and bacteria, to prevent a cold), to clean the air from the slot, relaxing, etc.

This essential oil diffuser is suitable for rooms of 20 sqm to 100 sqm.

Tips for using the diffuser

  • Diffusion never practiced continuously: 10 to 15 minutes two to three times per day.
  • Always leave the door open when the diffuser works.
  • Put 10 to 30 drops of essential oils in the machine for a day.
  • If the smell of an essential oil is too strong, post-moderation there (risk of headaches). You can also mix it with another essential oil.
  • Clean the glass with alcohol and a long cotton swab every month for not those essential oils come clog nozzles. There is also a simpler solution: a cleaner essential oil diffuser! Simply apply a few drops in the diffuser and let circulate.


Unheated, you enjoy all the therapeutic properties of essential oils.

  • The essential oil diffuser is small and elegant. It blends into the decor of your room.
  • You can adjust the speed of diffusion of essential oils depending on the workpiece surface.


Engine noise can be distracting to relax. To avoid being disturbed by the noise in my living room, I placed my diffuser as far away from my TV.

Here is a video about the noise made by the broadcaster (on video, it’s my old diffuser. Now I have one that makes a lot less noise). That way, you get an idea of the noise and if it bothers you or not:

The maintenance of the diffuser is tricky. Rather buy a diffuser of essential oils from a store that offers replacement parts glassware.


Between 38 and 100 euros.


  • The synergy of essential oils helpful in preventing colds
  • Synergy to find the zen with essential oils.

My opinion

I advise you to buy this essential oil diffuser only if you intend to use it for therapeutic purposes (prevent colds, flu, congestion in the nasal passages, hay fever, etc …).

The diffuser by ultrasound (or mist)

It is an essential oil diffuser which uses ultrasound. Simply fill the vase with water. Then, you can start by adding 5 to 10 drops. Depending on your olfactory want, you can increase the number of drops to around 30 drops of essential oils.

The ultrasound causes vibrations in the water. The mixture of water and essential oils burst into micro droplets. This phenomenon shows that very fine mist outside the diffuser and diffuses into the atmosphere.


  • Design: light reflects in the fog and gives a very warm and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Easy to clean with white vinegar against the limestone.
  • Price: between 30 and 70 euros.


Although dissemination is cold, enjoy less of the active ingredients of essential oils in relation to the use of a micro-diffusion diffuser. Essential oils are diluted and spread micro droplets least on the surface.

My opinion

This essential oil diffuser is useful:

  • To purify the air (kill bacteria and viruses) in your home.
  • In winter to humidify the air dried by heating.
  • In summer to bring a source of freshness.
  • That’s it I could finally test a fogger. The smell is pleasant and relaxing sound of the water. The color change of the essential oil diffuser gives a very nice atmosphere when all the lights are out!


How to mow cheaply, quickly and without tiring

You want a pleasant appearance for your garden? Indeed, it is necessary that the cut is precise if you want to achieve an aesthetic effect. To achieve this goal you should choose the device that best suits the area and the type of grass in your garden. Also you need to consider the quality and reliability of the mechanisms of the lawn mower. In this article, we will focus on the best self propelled lawn mower.


There are different models of lawn mowers, whose characteristics differ from one type to another. Some models are equipped with an electric or gasoline motor, while others are manual or automatic. The size of the sheet used will depend on the cut grass surface. Lawn mowers also differ in the materials that they are made from: polypropylene, steel and aluminum alloy molding are the most popular among others. These materials determine the quality and strength of these devices to shock and rust and ensure its longevity. However, regardless of the material used, a good periodic maintenance of the lawn mower includes cleaning and sharpening the blades, and the systematic verification of the main components is a fundamental condition for a long service life. Last but not least, the mower should be stored in a dry and dust free.

How to choose a lawn mower?

Choosing a lawn mower depends mainly on the type of grass and the garden trimming. The grass may consist of short and tall grasses or herbs. To prune a large excess of 3000 square meters, on the other hand, there will be no longer use of a lawn mower but a mini garden tractor.


As mentioned above, the size of the lawn determines the most appropriate type of pruning equipment. The different possibilities have to do with the type of engine and its power, the cutting width of the blade and the shape and dimensions of the collection tray or eject mode of grass that can be lateral or rear discharge. For a lawn of small dimensions of about 300 m², you can use a push mower instead of an automatic model. In this case, you can choose between electric clippers and small internal combustion engines. Ultimately, the purchase will obviously depend on the disposal to the mower budget. It is best to choose equipment of good quality and well-known brand without exceeding its financial forecasts too. Thus, it is a good idea to compare the different prices for the same type of product before deciding to purchase. Feel free to test the operation of the mower before ordering and pay the price.

The characteristics of a lawn mower

There are different models of lawn mowers available to consumers, according to the size of the lawn. Engine power mower must be compatible with the cutting width of the blade, which in turn is chosen based on the size of the lawn. Regarding engines, electric mowers are environmentally friendly, easy to clean and less noisy. They are very effective on slopes, but unfortunately are usually intended for pruning small dimensions because of the cables. Instead, Clipper heat engine is autonomous and can have 2 stroke engines (which is rare) or 4 times, more versatile and capable of operating for a long time and on medium and large surfaces. Thermal clippers are then powerful but also very noisy. Regarding the mode on, the mower can be operated either by means of a key (most convenient method) or pulling a string.

Other specific features of lawn mowers


The size of the blades of the models available in stores ranging from 25 cm to 53 cm. Thus, for a small surface, up to 500 m² you have to choose between 25 and 35 cm or between 33 and 39 cm. For small gardens, an electric lawn mower or heating 3 cv may suffice. The appliance is suitable for small gardens situated not far from the house, because of possible complications with the power supply. If it is a large area of 1000 to 2500 m², a self-propelled model with a cutting width of between 50 cm and 60 cm is recommended. These mowers have at least two speeds: slow and normal. From an area of over 500 m², it is mandatory yo have the collection tray in plastic or canvas. The plastic tray is solid and easy to maintain. The tray capacity varies between 50 and 80 liters.

Furniture Tips & Tricks & Others

Make your weight room and power rack

For those who have a place to practice their sport at home but who do not have the means to invest in a squat rack (This is an example of what can happen), or simply years in gym, we offer experience that Dhaze shoestring transformed his garage into weight room and the his best power cage (but skill!): “This may reassure those who would eventually make their own power rack but would doubt their strength. (For some reason, some people think that wood is fragile.) ”


The platform:

It measures 2m x 1m it well enough for the dead lift, clean and snatch. However it may be too short for someone who wants to cast slot.

It consists of a plate of 18 mm thick melamine below, then the central portion of 80 cm wide at the top (also MDF 18 mm). The sides 60 cm wide are stable mat for good cushioning 20 mm thick. Your next project they come in two forms: either slabs of fixed dimensions (1.50 mx 1 m or 2.5 mx 1.5 m) or the meter roll (usually 1.5 m or 2 m wide); easily be cut with a large knife this knife.

For simply assembly, place the plates by fixing them with double mesh front carpet (If you choose other wood, less smooth, allow other fastening systems) then cut it with the cutter stable mats. Planted a nail in each corner, it will not move.

After more than a year using the platform is almost intact. My advice is to focus on cushioning 20 mm thick, slightly damaged by cast iron weights which have little risk of damage with bumper plates. The soil remains intact.

The price: more or less 90 € for the platform: MDF 18 mm: approximately € 9.50 per square meter, stable mats in 20 mm thickness was about 45 € the meter.


The blocks have already been more than 200 kg and above so do not move either. The four red and black squares let you adjust the height of the blocks, to work from a deficit and cushion the bar on the blocks.

The price: at pretty much 100 € for all blocks (10 € Wholesale block) + 35 € for the four red squares.

The rack:


The rack does not show any sign of weakness. Its amounts are fixed together, the floor and walls.

Price: Originally, a little less than 200 € for all materials required for the power rack, studs, nails and screws, brackets, bolts TRCC, security bars and everything else, plus € 15 for both thicker boards which serve to hold the box in place for jumps.

“I paid a few drinks at a guy who helped me to drill the amounts so say € 250 in all. Far less than the 300 maximum € I set myself at the start with: € 15-20 for tubes, foams and the racquet grip to make the fat bar and dumbbells There must be a way to make cheaper buying raw wood to build everything, but I wanted to do this fir which is prettier.

The chains, I really cannot say, I bought gradually for almost two years to have 40kg, so I really do not know. ”

The bench:

We will now see the important points to consider before buying your bench:


The prices of banks vary from 50 to 1,000 Euros. This ranges from simple bench to complete the ultra-multi-gym options. It will take an investment of 100 to 200 Euros if we remain on a basic bench with few options.


If you have the space, why not choose a broad bench because it will be more stable. If you miss it, orient yourself to the foldable benches.



These must be checked before buying to ensure the spacing supports you well to do the bench press without worrying. If it is possible to recline the seatback to the developed inclined, then the media will also be adjustable in height. Do not think that all manufacturers ensure these parameters.


We must see if we can make the bench inclined or declined to exercise, so if you can bow to see decline the file, and so obviously you can enter the bar without problem in these extreme positions. The seat must be adjustable tilted version.

The file must be comfortable! Just the feel to see the thickness. Lie on it to test the stability and width and comfort of the file.


Some banks have accessories like the butterfly, leg extension the thigh or hamstring, the squat position, the tower pulley and biceps desk. This should be checked if they match your body, if adjustments are possible and also the maximum load on these devices. Mostly the benches are limited settings and are embarrassed when one wants to change the exercise or position.