10 Tips For A Great Camping Trip In Your Own Backyard Garden

A Great Camping

Now the time has come to choose a vacation. The exotic destination fly around your ears, but more and more people realize that the holiday can also be relax and have fun at home. They choose to camp at the backyard garden and keep a “staycation“. Go to the supermarket get cheap camping tents for sale and it can also be great fun!

Why a backyard garden camping trip?

There are several reasons why you may choose to keep a backyard garden camping trip:

  • Because there is no money to pay for a vacation – not everyone has money to pay for a vacation. Rather than go further into debt, more and more people choose to camp at their own garden.
  • To save money – some people do have money to go on vacation, but decide to stay at home anyway, so the money they save can be used in the rainy days, for example, a new kitchen, or pay off the mortgage or save for a better retirement
  • Because it is better for the environment – some people prefer not to travel too much, in order to reduce the Co2 emissions. They stay at home because they do not want to get on a car or a plane.
  • To avoid the crown – while everyone is on holiday, it is nice and quiet in your own house. If you do not like the crown or you do not want to go so far away, camping in the garden is the best solution!

10 tips for a great backyard garden camping

To have a nice camping trip in your own home, you can take the following preparation tips:

  • Make sure all household chores are done before the camping begins at the garden. So you can immediately start to relax as there is no more concern
  • Also make sure that the garden is nice and tidy, so you (if possible) can sit in the garden for sunbathing.
  • Treat a backyard garden camping trip just like a real vacation. If during your holidays, you always bring a pile of books, you can also get these at home for your camping garden “staycation”.
  • Because you have no travel time and things need to unpack you can immediately pick tents for sale at the shop and start enjoying your camp. This gives you less time to get in the holiday mood and so you can try a shorter holiday. This means that for example three times per single week for a backyard garden camping, throughout the year. So you will never have to wait a year before you can be on vacation again . What a luxury life, huh?
  • Go in advance to the Tourist Office, to get information about the area where you live. You will be surprised by how many museums, farmers markets, festivals and other fun things there are to do in the area, which you otherwise would not know at all.
  • Bring your laptop and work phone with you too. It is tempting every day to check your email, if you’re at home. This ensures that you can not let go of the job and that is sin of the holiday!
  • Choose a nice week menu in advance and remove all the left over already in the house. This allowed you to have the best vacation with more luxurious than usual, for example, with tasty bacon for breakfast and salmon for dinner.
  • Surround yourself also with supply of luxury. Get a nice mask at home and hold a spa day with a super long table and a massage from your partner.

  • A backyard garden camping is also fun for children. There are always other children at home during the holidays, where they can play with. Sleepovers, camping in the private garden and endless water fights are fun activities for children. Opt for cheap camping tents for sale at the supermarket for these activities.
  • Make sure people from work do not know that you are at home during your vacation. This prevents colleagues from calling you right about all kinds of problems. You can tell in advance that you are going to book at last minute. After your vacation you just say you could not find anything fun and that is why you stayed at home.

Good luck and have fun!

From Will Young – Family Tent Center

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