What do Headphones use to do?

In essence, the headset is not only each player function but headphones are now becoming common with any technology activities. We can divide the headset out under the following two main purposes:

  1. Headphones Music: A headset optimized for listening to music, is now gradually towards compact and convenient. Most headsets currently made to meet the player. Headphones listening to music or the balance headphones range, sounding clear, high-resolution detail.
  2. Headphones gaming / movie: A headset for gaming or watching movies are usually full-size (large type beam head), often have a mic to chat in the game, the high-end gaming headset more often driver in one ear. To be a gaming headset / headphone movie or the sort that often have good sound (e.g., gunshots, explosions of bombs were put in place to create the feeling 3d) and usually have sound heroic, powerful.

What main types of headphones?

Headphones have a lot of variations, currently has three main categories ear:

  1. Headphones In-ear: The name says it all, the headset is tucked deep in the ear canal listeners. Great advantages of this type are extremely high usability. Compact, usually good sound insulation to the outside, many … Current sleek headset manufacturers are aiming to do more because of nature In-ear headset noisy life now; people can still enjoy sound bar without bother to external noise.
  2. Earbud Headphones: type is somewhat larger ear In-ear put 1 bit, put on-ear wearing style exterior of everybody. This style is also rather popular; there is also high usability but not by being In-ear soundproof than just wearing loose outside. But so that Earbud wearing more comfortable, more open In-ear.
  3. Full-size Headset: the biggest type, wearing boss both ears and has one headrest (headband). This kind of usability is not loud, high and difficult carried way carried away. But in return for clear sound quality than two types. Cause there are good sound features, many high-end headphones on 500 dollars or even thousands of dollars are still common into the designs.

There’s also some other types such as Custom IEM (Advanced In-near headset), Clip-On Headphones (ear clip), Neckband ( the around neck style), but not very common!People interested

What kinds of music that you listen to?

A lot you can not only listen to music but the name of each type of music you listen to, so I would split into two main groups:

  1. Music sharply (Classic, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Dance…): Always these type headphones need blood and fire, strong. Headphones should rock bass (bass) beat fast and intense; the high-pitched tone is not high but still negative mid high-resolution detail. But headset Pop, Dance, it should focus on strong bass, epic, can pull one little tail was!
  2. Light Music (Acoustic music, Acapella, Ballad…): There should be compact bass, no repercussion too long, mid-sweet or bar per person depending on preferences but must have a good detail, but not hight treble ( dazzling). Often people liked listening to soft music soundstage (the transient sounds) to be very good.

Choose a headset from a well-known brand?

There are many headphones from many companies on the market but I listed some main headphones brands:

Sennheiser headphone:

One of the oldest headphone company and is a famous company from Germany. It has tremendously headphones stretching 10 USD to more than one thousand USD. Headphones Sen does not take the one direction at all, some headphones with soothing sound 1, 1 of the achievement back strong … But I can say that the company Sennheiser is easy going, easy to find, pleasant …

+ Sony Corp.: It is not only well-known in the sound image that Sony but also quite successful. The Japanese headphone maker is known for anti-noise technology of high-quality headphones. Currently, Sony leads the trend more than In-ear headphones Full-size.

+ Koss headphone: a headphone company from USA, Koss headphones strong part Clip On Full-size , they have strong about light sound and easy listening.

+ Audio-Technica headphone: a Japanese headphone company again, it is quite famous about using A, AD to the mid of colorful positive and sweet, the M line for more powerful sound. Now the company is also famous the In-ear trend.

+ Denon headphone: This company is known for its headphone series D (7000,5000 ) with strong horror bump and deep bass.

+ AKG headphone: Also this firm is well known, most of its headphones bring the detailed sound, high enough, open and mid-range. The most famous line of its is K line ( the full-size headphones)

+ Shure: An audio company of USA, earphone, and microphone manufacturer. It has a few lines but maybe the most famous of it is the Se different In-ear headphones. Shure usually warm, mid thick.

+ Beats: A firm headphones huge market share has been Apple’s recent acquisition. Beats headphones do with style and fashion colors, powerful bass sound with hearing Dance, Hip Hop.

+ SoundMAGIC: This is a time trend, the PL11 or E10 is considered the high performance of the price range. Currently, SoundMAGIC probably in Vietnam is declining because of competition from other airlines.

+ Somic: Somic was part gaming headset manufacturer, is a large market share in Vietnam. Somic sound 3D epic and well sorted is the top choice of many hand game players. Somic many price range, but usually fluctuate less than $ 100; there are only a few more advanced 1 150 USD

+ Beyerdynamic: A headset anymore firms to industrial giants from Germany, Beyer has many headsets pretty or as DT880, DT990 … The company mainly makes full-size headphones.

+ Dunu: An emerging company in Taiwan, most do In-ear headphones. Dunn also has many different price range, many different sounds. This is a new company, often adopt new technologies more cheaply European outsourcing firms or America

+ RHA: Headphones UK firm also emerging, but famous for being sold in the Apple Store, use more advanced materials and new technology to get people interested

Some Consulting for Best Headphones Under 50$  For Selecting

If you plan to buy a headset with a budget under $ 50, the following can form part of your needs. You can consider the following as a reference sample and select the headset like the best for you; the following headsets come from the firm’s reputation and good quality.

Best Headphones under 50 dollars



NuForce NE-600M is considered sound quality product commensurate with the level of $ 30 equipment contract. NuForce NE-600M-quality sound no less competitive with the NE-700M model is priced almost double its sale. In appearance, NuForce NE-600M has designed as earphones (in-ear headphones) with anti-tangle cable is quite an effective cleaning. NuForce NE-600M is equipped with the microphone and remote control – quite appropriate when using headphones combined with newer mobile devices today. If you feel the microphone and control buttons are not needed, the user can select the NuForce NE-600 version (without the suffix “M”) is priced lower than $ 5.

Also in the choice of price range around 30 US dollars, in addition to 2 options, users can also select the NuForce NE-600x also models easily listening sound quality, spacious soundstage, and warm bass


Sennheiser HD 203 (about 40 dollars) is considered the first capture headset can form around-ear lightweight design provides comfort to the user. Only 50% of the volume source, the Sennheiser HD 203 has enough “drown” the listeners in all genres of music. Or products containing natural sound dark, but quite detailed, the band sounds very clear and natural high. With users’ favorite in-ear design, the Sennheiser CX281 (50 USD) and OMX180 (40 USD contract) are two options of interest. The duos are the overall sound quality and less picky fairly musical. However, Sennheiser CX281 can share music with a headset using the 3.5 mm plug other. OMX180 own model to be built in microphone and remote control over the signal cable.


Users favorite Sony brand with plans to invest in a set of headphones with $ 50 range many different options. From stuffed ear lightweight design, until the products serve the needs of outdoor activities, to take the first models plentiful. If you love shooting ear design (around-ear headphones) – Sony MDR-MA102TV (about 40 USD) and is a good choice for light quality natural sound, the sound is quite a harmonious floor, though the bass was slightly lighter. With users love the compact, the Sony MDR-EX37B (30 USD) has good noise immunity, the overall sound pretty, the plump, warm bass note and did not cause ear fatigue even longer listening. Sony MDR-AS41EX own model (45 USD), but also has the form of stuffed ear headphone design but it also favors rims equipped with soft rubber ear to augment the “stalk” for this headset – very suitable for sports activities or outdoor use. Besides the ability to “grip”, the Sony MDR-AS41EX can work well under light rain. The sound quality of this lightweight headset can also put in a decent, full bass and sweet, quite consistent with the genre’s most popular young.


Logitech UE 100 (12 USD) is designed headsets with ears stuffed form, but there are specially designed to provide in a sense of comfort when used, has supported resistance to passive noise quite effectively. This form of the ordinary headset with up to 5 different color choices. Accompanying each product also has four selection buffer to replace silicon stuffed ears. Design diaphragm placed at an angle of Logitech UE 100 Small contribute towards the sound to listeners a quite natural way. Products for quite a limpid sound but bass are a little power when showing the vibrant genre.


Genius GHP-460S (30 USD) has designed on-ear headphones form a compact, midrange sound, and downs quite fond of “fit” with the genre’s most popular young. A portion of the first capture surround headphones wrapped a thick foam padding artificial leather looks quite a chic look quite “right taste” with leather design on two cloves ears. However, the Genius GHP Hood arch-460S still pretty hard, should pressurize still quite large ears are not suitable for continuous use for those with large head size. Products with a total of three color options including green, pink and yellow.


Creative EP-630 (25 USD) with the design looks quite similar to the model of the Sennheiser CX300. With design tucked deep into the ear canal, the Creative EP-630 also proved quite effective in limiting the environmental noise from outside. Products also have three choices rubber buffer sizes stuffed ear to users freely select a suitable set. Although not very smooth midrange bands to hear the vocal genre, the Creative EP-630 sound quality is quite detailed, high-range sound in natural light and warm bass range. Users who prefer to purchase the Creative EP-630 an integrated mic for phone user can also choose the same name but with the suffix “i” at the end.


Gazz GAVIO headset series, Gazz +, AI2 GAVIO with prices around 30 USD is also a good choice for users interested in a plan to purchase an in-ear headset. Design tucked deep into the ear of the headphones GAVIO contributes to creating a very personal music space, eliminates the noise from the environment while ensuring comfort for the user. Two compact bulbs ear but still have identification marks left / right clear. Most of the products in-ear headphones brand quality bass sound so fond of the high tone range are somewhat overwhelmed at low volumes. However, the medium-range sound is reproduced well-known and will not collapse. If you owned a Blackberry, HTC or iPhone and preferred a lightweight headset with warm bass performance, the products of such GAVIO Gazz, Gazz + and AI2 is really interesting choices.

Thanks for reading. For more reviews of best headphones under 50$, pls visit AFFORDABLE HEADPHONES CENTER

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