Tips for the best embroidery machine:

When threading the machine always check that the presser foot and needle are up, that ensures that the thread passes well cymbals tensioner prevents computer and gather thread down or out the bottom seam loose. It is recommended to use good quality wires. Mainly polyester is the most flexible and adaptable to the elasticized fabric, preventing them cut into the machine and sewing. It is no use thick yarns such as nylon or jeans, either thread overlock since the device is calibrated to work with common threads.

The needle of the instrument is the primary element for the proper functioning. It is recommended to change regularly, to prevent disputes or to kink. (This can damage the automatic threader machine if any). Use good quality needles, and place the number of the needle according to the type of fabric to use namely, beautiful fabrics, numbers: 9-10, 11, half clothes, numbers: 12.14, thick fabrics, numbers 16 and 18. They are always best ball tips, especially for thin and elasticized fabrics. Place them correctly in the machine to ensure proper functioning.

Basic maintenance as one, according to the use made of the same regular lubrication of the machine is recommended. To do this use the sewing machine oil and place a drop of it in places where computer parts are moving. Eg. Crochet, coil, etc. It is advisable to do so after concluding its use. Clean the machine with a brush and remove lint or debris deposited thread remaining on the needle plate or tooth of the computer.

Always use corresponding reels to each device model. If the machine has the plastic shuttle (horizontal), use plastic reels. If you have the metal coil, you can opt for any of these materials. If metal coils are used, especially older models, verify that are not oxidized, and are not twisted.

The metal loop machine comes with proper regulation to work properly, avoid handling it. If you collaborate with the elastic thread, you must buy another reel and regulate exclusively for it.

The tensions of the machine can not be changed (always 4 or 5) since it is adjusted to work properly even with different types of fabrics. For various types of fabrics, it is only necessary to change the needles of the machine and the presser foot.

The domestic machines have been created to work with beautiful fabrics half. Avoid working with materials like queries, leather, canvas, skins since they require the presser foot lift more than normal, that needles and thick threads that damage the machine is used and cause out of calibration.

The domestic machines have been designed to be used at home or by a professional sewing (not production) Motor possessing is small and use no more than 4 or 6 hours per day is recommended, and no more than 2 hours straight. This is important to ensure the durability of the machine and engine.

For correct use, it is essential to manage it properly. Threading, winding, needles, presser foot and uses maintenance are important factors for durability and to take advantage of the beautiful things that can be created with the sewing machine. For any questions or problems arise always consult the manual. Polo in practice if you want to know more, participate in other courses which we organize or sponsor us.

Industrial Sewing Machinery

Appropriate advice:

It is important to consult properly if the machine meets the requirements for each job, namely:

  • Type of work done
  • Type of accessories that you can incorporate
  • Sewing materials
  • Speed and stitches per minute

This right advice you can make a qualified vendor, supported by a specialized service that can adapt the machine to the needs of each job.

Handling and maintenance

So that the device can be started life requires:

  • Good management, this includes proper handling of the machines and sewing materials.
  • Good maintenance: daily cleaning, proper lubrication, periodic change needle and correct placement of them.
  • Correct electrical connection: it is always recommended to maximize engine life, have an independent outlet and where possible with stabilizer.
  • In case of damage, please consult with technical expertise in this type of machinery

For certain machines as straight, double hauls, triple tows, it is essential for the proper handling properly steer. Always forward. This makes the machine does not have risks of locks and wires entering the area of the coil and rotary machine.

Quick solutions to problems:

  • Needles break
  • Threads break
  • Stitch failure
  • Stitches loose
  • Unequal stitches
  • Wrinkled or puckered seam

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