What is the best way to determine how far discharged the battery? The best way is through the measurement of the acidity of the electrolyte in the battery. This is sulfuric acid and given the highly corrosive properties, strongly discouraged. The next best method is to measure the voltage of the best car battery unloaded.

For good measure, the battery can not be charged and after taxation, 10 minutes have had a rest. Measure the voltage with a good, preferably digital, voltmeter. This provides an inexpensive, accurate digital meter is suitable for both 12 and 24-volt batteries. Charging status battery discharged electrolyte circuit voltage in

How battery charging correctly

A battery is a storage for energy. To get something out of (discharging), we must first fill him (loading). It should, therefore, be added energy. Like you perhaps is known, it is for energy in an electric circuit voltage and current required. In its simplest form, a battery charger from a power source (Power supply) and a resistor to limit the current. This late combination connected to a battery, a current flow. The voltage across the battery terminals and the stream ensure that energy flows in the battery. The applied voltage the battery terminals must, however, be within a critical range. To charge the battery, should the cell voltage from an external power source be increased to a value above 2.1 volts. Are On the charging voltage limits associated i.v.m. the excessive formation of hydrogen gas (the “Gas pressure”). At 2.35 to 2.4 volts per cell will cause unwanted gas.

In a typical 12-volt battery is at 14.1 to 14.4 Volt battery voltage. Between the charger and the battery should, therefore, be placed a charge controller, which prevents the battery is charged too much time. An array is assumed to be loaded, if the voltage is 14,2V during loading and loading is then to be stopped.

There are some methods to charge a battery, including:

  • Via The alternator and the associated charging circuit of the vehicle (necessary for starter batteries). Usual for easy, but relatively rigid, way a battery constantly while driving to recharge. Moreover, the long throws wiring of the vehicle alternator to the vehicle battery spanner in the works. By the resistance thereof, the charging current remains considerably lower than desired. This allows the battery is not sufficiently charged. A relatively complex electronic circuit called booster can bring a solution. Unfortunately, few caravans or motorhomes equipped.
  • Via A solar panel. This method allows for continuous recharging of the battery, so you do not ever actually having to connect to a battery charger. Unfortunately, a solar still an expensive luxury item and therefore not applicable to many.
  • Via A battery charger powered by 220 V (mains). This method is the most accurate charging of a battery increasing.

The latter approach, charging via a 220-volt charger, we take a closer look.

Maintenance: What is trickle charge?

Float means that should be taken with a charged battery level for a longer period, for example, in a winter storage. For trickle charge, for instance, need a 200Ah battery is only a loader say 2 Amps. But you must be sure that the battery is fully charged, because, such a charger never have an empty battery full. A float is the last (3rd or 4th stage) of the charging process and requires a charger that can switch in this exclusive mode.

Does anyone know if it is true that the C-Tek 4300 battery charger is charging less per hour when the caravan or car battery is low than when it is low. The battery is that the loading capacity 4 amperes per hour. By having an empty trailer batteries of 100-ampere hours so they could charge 25 hours needed to fill the battery.

I had through the outlet battery box that sits at trailer battery fan blower. Blowing against the back window. (This is because the rear heater is broken and only to recover with a whole new rear for 800 euros, a fogged window can also be dried by the wind fan even if it is cold.)

Because the dog was wet rabid in the ditches and the window once again covers again if I go to the supermarket I should have pulled the fan out of the battery socket box from the car and put into the battery plug socket of the caravan battery, then the not affect the battery to which the car must be started.

I calculated the time that had revived that there are approximately 1-ampere hours from the caravan battery that just before it was loaded. When I got home the trailer battery via charger charging full again took charge of 1 amp with the 4-ampere battery much longer than fifteen minutes.

It is also a battery with the car so when I have a long drive and put the charger on the car battery he needs more than an hour before the charger indicates that the battery is full. The car battery is young there is only good and the alternator load. I have myself been tested with test equipment.

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