Aromatherapy is an alternative treatment in which use is made of essential oils. Essential oils can, in fact, be a healing effect on body and mind. To experience the benefits of aromatherapy, you do not necessarily have a particular aromatherapist; you can also use it perfectly at home with the essential oils diffuser


  • Essential oils, such as lavender or orange
  • Tea lights (optional for oil burners)
  • Oil Burner (optional)
  • Water (optional with bath)
  • Large scale (optional with bath)
  • Towel (optional with bath)


Find the right oil

There are many different types of essential oils, and not all the oils are of good quality. For an oil of good quality, go for example to a health food store. Look okay, where you get them from. If the bottles have been exposed to the sun is likely that the oil quality has deteriorated. Look also at the result you want to achieve. For example, a cold you use a different oil than for a quiet moment. Also, beware of the deliberate oil is suitable for your skin. “You can aromatherapy will generally apply to every skin type, but watch out the oil on your skin type. For example, special oil for sensitive skin or skin with acne “If you have a rosacea skin burden you have to pay attention at all”. If you use too much oil on a rosacea skin, it will feel like your skin is on fire. You can then in the worst case even get bothered by blisters. ”

Decide how you want to use the oil

You do not need more than a bottle of essential oil to apply aromatherapy. You can namely direct mounting on the skin of the drops in the majority of cases. It is often more convenient to use oil. That is a stone tower on top of a dish and the bottom of a cavity. With an oil: the smell of the oil spreading through an entire room. If you want to use aromatherapy to prevent your cold, then you can use the essential oil is best used in combination with a steam bath.

Measure the correct amount of oil

You need the sparing use of essential oils. Manon: “Pure essential oils are quite high, and it is still important to be careful. Use – especially if you are applying for the first time aromatherapy – just a drop at a time. If you do well against you and the treatment has been following for several years, you can get the number of drops up to a maximum of four or five. ”

Apply the oil directly to the skin

The most straightforward application of aromatherapy is to apply directly to the skin. Manon: “Apply the oil directly on the skin and dilute with water not only him. By diluting it make him even stronger. “If the oil is too high for your skin, you can dry out your skin. It does not necessarily matter where you apply the oil. It is customary to smear the oil on your sleep if you have, for example, suffer from stress or a headache.

Use the oil in an oil burner

For example, to fill an area with a particular flavor, use an oil burner. At the bottom of the oil lamp, you light a candle, while you the dish on top of filling with tap water. Here you can mix a few drops of oil through it. On the bottle, you can read what is the maximum amount allowed.

Use the oil in a steam bath

The use of steam is particularly useful if you are suffering from a cold. Fill a bowl with boiling water, add a few drops of oil here – for example, peppermint or lemon – stand and keep your face above. Use a towel over your head to make sure that all the fumes and heat linger over the scale.

Enjoy the effect that the smells on you

Which of the three methods you used, the scents makes a good influence on you. Relax here, even if it’s only five minutes. Take the odors than conscious in you so that you can expect a better result. Breathe in and out and feel the effect of the scents give you. Is aromatherapy also for you to be repeated? You can use aromatherapy as often as you want, as long as you are careful in the use of oil!


  • Use oil from a health food store; which is more expensive, but of a much better quality
  • Buying bottles with a drip cap so you can accurately dispense the oil
  • Keep your oils in a dark, cool place
  • Let your well informed when you’re pregnant. Certain forms of aromatherapy are not right for you


  • Do not buy bottles of oil that have stood in the sun, the quality of the oil will heat rapidly declining
  • Do not use too much oil; this can damage your skin
  • Do not use the steam method if you suffer from asthma; you can get just stuffy here


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