This guide aims to help you choose the most suitable cruising longboard for your style and discipline that you want to practice. It details including the different types of existing boards, the important elements that make up a longboard and a selection of the best boards to stroll, descent or send in street tricks

What discipline should I practice with my longboard?

There are different models of a longboard with longer or shorter or somewhat belittled trays, shapes or different trucks.

The first thing to do before choosing your longboard is well determined the use you want to do. A longboard can be used for work, for Fun Street in urban areas, to make the descent or park. According to the program, we must choose a suitable board.

The different types of practices:

– The Downhill or down: this practice is to descend from the high-speed roads. A long, rigid board is best suited for maximum comfort and stability, mounting trucks “drop-through” for stability.

– Carving: it comes rolling by linking turns as surfing or skateboarding. Optionally, you can opt for a semi-rigid and short longboard for excellent maneuverability and a more flexible tray to pump easily.

– The Cruising: the ride or the trip to and from work, Requires a comfortable and handy board for the city. Prefer a short shelf with truck mounted “top mount” and why not a little kick tail to evolve in town. Click here to buy cruising longboards.

– Freestyle: providing figures on your board. Two practices differ, the “side walking” which consists of tricks with your feet on the board, and street or town is practiced by taking advantage of urban decorative elements such as skateboarding. According to the practice, choose a wide, stable board or a longboard with a nose and a tail.

– Slalom: finish a route passing between obstacles as quickly as possible. The longboard should be manageable and therefore quite short with a fitting “top mount”.

What changes from one to another longboard?

The tray

The plateau greatly determines the behavior of the longboard. There are several types of plates:

Downhill: Heavy enough, reserved for the descent

– Freestyle: usable in both directions to make tricks

– Pintail: shaped surfboard, for cruising and carving

– Twin-tip: symmetrical plate for free ride

– Kicktail: to the street, with tail raised for tricks

Trays longboard

Most trays are made of Canadian maple wood that offers an excellent compromise between weight, flexibility, and strength.

Depending on the use you want to make your longboard, size is also critical. We must remember that a long board will be more stable at high speed while a short shelf will be handy and lightweight for freestyle, street or bring your longboard with you anywhere.

Finally, each tray has its characteristics in terms of comfort. Some offer more flexibility to pump in cruising and absorb the defects of the road. Others are stiffer for improved responsiveness freestyle for example.

The trucks

Regarding the trucks themselves, a shaft wide offers more stability (for downhill for example), when short trucks will be more manageable (for the park, for example). The type of mounting Trucks also has an impact on the stability of the board. Indeed, there are longboards whose trucks mounted “belittled” to lower the center of gravity.

Clearly, the larger the trucks and the plate to the ground are, the more the longboard will be stable for downhill for example.

Conversely, the shorter trucks and tray are, the more the board will be handy (and often mild) to walk and perform tricks.

The different mounting trucks

– The top-mount: conventional mounting under the platform for good handling.

– The drop-through: the truck crosses the cut plate to be fixed thereon. The plateau is lower and more \

The wheels

Depending on their size, they greatly influence the behavior of the longboard. Large wheels are more stable but less manageable as fine wheels.

The rubber hardness is also to be considered. The soft tires stick better for cruiser and carver when the hard wheels slide easier for the downhill. Each wheel has an index comprising a number, more this number; the more the gum is hard.

How do I find among all the longboard models on the site?

Each brand has different models for practice different styles. Here are selection boards that are highly recommended

Longboard Atom Drop ThroughATOM 41 “DROP THROUGH

Longboard Maui TailMAUI Kick KICK TAIL

Longboard Deville InterstateDEVILLE INTERSTATE 41.2 ”

Never Summer Longboard AssaultNEVER SUMMER ASSAULT

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