I can not stop playing !!! The most addictive games of all time

Some say video games affects humans across the planet, others claim that it is only one way to escape the “real” world. We believe that there are too many people question what is the game that you could not stop playing for days? They remain silent.

And there are games that are a pure simulation, others that make us believe we are living in a movie, almost like infinite games,… But there are other games that, without being anything special, they get hours have us glued to our TV, computer or smartphone without us being aware of time passing. This is what we seek in this ranking of addiction. You neglecting its quality, its graphics, story, sound or ambiance all you’ll appreciate is the addiction rate that creates these games, here’s a compilation of the most addictive video games of all time.


Perhaps the most famous game ever and one of the most addictive. It can take years and years ‘Tetris’ will always be that kind of game that has neither age nor end. The mythical game of fitting pieces adds up differently for lines carrying more than 20 years living with different generations of players. From children to adults through teenagers without any of them get tired of playing. Simplicity and constant challenge are its two main qualities.

I have met people who can spend hours isolated from the world with the sole aim to beat their previous score. Your power of addiction is huge.



‘Pac-Man’ is an arcade video game created by game designer Toru Iwatani Namco company, and published by Midway Games to the US market in the early 1980s in Spain is popularly known as Pac – Man. Does anyone has not played this game? The aim was to eat us all points of the screen without the four ghosts consigliere catch us.

In case anyone does not know the ghosts also they had names: Shadow (Blinky), Speedy (Pinky), Bashful (Inky) and Pokey (Clyde). This game has enjoyed all kinds of versions, even in 3D, but the original will always be the best.



Yes, I put the snake game. That game that we all played absolutely on the Nokia phone. This game has millions of people around the world while they were hooked l work, travel or just because I wanted to get to make the serpent occupy the entire screen.

It’s what you said earlier, you need nothing more to make an addictive game, you also have to say that this was the highest level of games that had at that time on mobile. When reconfiguring Nokia was the reference.


It is a Windows game without a doubt. Who has not thrown a little game to ‘Minesweeper’? The objective as its name suggests is none other than look where mines are hidden on a grid board. We must go uncorking pictures and guide us with the number shown us, which will indicate how many mines have around. All this to unwrap the board and mark the position of all as mine.

Over the years you realize how games have progressed and how little you need to be entertained a good time.


The cards are distributed on the table (screen) in 7 columns, and the rest of the deck or card is face down in the upper left corner. The goal is to stack all the cards by suit (diamonds, hearts, spades, clubs) and in numerical order in the corresponding four squares in the upper right, beginning with the aces. The game controls that can be moved or not a letter, i.e., if a move validates and allows it, you can not do. In other words: you can not cheat!

Let is the game of life cards but taken to a computer.


What to say is this game? Another game capable of making us spend hours and hours in front of our TV. He first came to Mega Drive, the console that Sega ‘s golden age. The mechanics were very similar to ‘Tetris’, but instead of joining pieces of different ways to make them disappear and earn points had to collect at least three pieces of the same color. This game came almost standard on all the consoles Mega Drive along with ‘Super Hang-On’ and ‘World Cup Italia 90’ in the same cartridge.

I am not able to say even an approximate figure of the hours I’ve spent playing this gem.


The operation was very similar to the ‘Columns,’ put together at least three bubbles of the same color to make disappear all the bubbles before they reach the ceiling our dragons which was located at the bottom of the screen. The protagonist in charge of handling the bubble launcher were none other than the dragons the famous game ‘Bubble Bobble’.

This game came out in almost all consoles from different eras: Recreational SNK Neo-Geo, PSX, PS2, Game Boy, PSP … we who have lived with many generations of players will be something …



And another matching game balls of the same color! They will think: “but if all are equal …”. Nope. In ‘Zuma’ have to do this but through countless scenarios with different shapes and objects through which complicate the mission to make the balls disappear before they reach the center of the screen. It is one of the most downloaded both the Play Store and the Apple App Store games. Already in the previous generation of phones, Smartphones that were not had a great tug undoubtedly has continued to have in today ‘s mobile devices.

If you want a game to kill those dead train or bus times, this is ideal, yes, careful not to skip the stop where you want to get off.

Street Fighter II

‘Street Fighter II’ the first game of the series ‘Street Fighter’ reach worldwide fame and precursor fighting genre in video games. Developed by Capcom, has eight characters to choose from, four bosses and a different ending for each character, it was the first time this was seen in a fighting game.

The “review” on the famous ‘Street Fighter II Turbo’ may have been the fight game that is most played in history, with permission from ‘The King of Fighters’, nobody can forget that.

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