A pack and play is a safe playground for your child. Once your baby is born, you can put him in the pack and play. When your baby is very young, yet the pack and play for him will not pit, but rather a place to sleep. You can use the pack and play than just to keep your baby with you in the neighborhood, even during naps. Your baby is pleasant with sounds to be heard around. From the time your baby is three months old, the pack and play will increasingly become a playground. Put your baby from then regularly in the pack and play with some soft toys so that he can move well and develop. Even if your child is older, the pack and plays remain safe playgrounds. Before your baby grows up, you can lower the ground.

Buying tips for a pack and play

To make sure that you buy a safe pack and play, there are some buying tips for you below put in a nutshell:

  • Always make sure that you get a manual in your pack and play. Check here for example in weight to which pack and play is appropriate.
  • A pack and play should have a smooth finish.
  • A pack and play should have a stable structure, please note also that when the bottom is adjustable, the pack and play is also stable with soil in the highest position.
  • The space between the bottom and the side wall must not be more than 0.5 cm. And the distance from the top of the bottom to the highest point of the side of the pack and play should be at least 60 cm in the lowest position and 30 cm when the bottom is set at the highest position.
  • Between the bars should be the distance between 4.5 and 6.5 cm. When you choose a net pack and play, the mesh can be up to 0.7 cm.
  • When you buy a collapsible pack and play, the closing mechanism must automatically click into the lock position and may open the closure in only two steps.
  • When the pack and plays have wheels, you should be able to block it.
  • Note finally that your playmat should always fit properly, to prevent your baby gets under.

  • Once you have purchased a pack and play, you must mind its location this is a safe place. This means that the pack and plays are not the close allowed to stand at the heating, in plants or in the vicinity of cords, for example, of the curtains. Your baby could get caught up in this. Bind no further toys with strings stuck in the pack and play and no mobile hang below the edge of the box, because your baby there in may and could become entangled in the wires. Put finally, not too many toys in the pack and play.

Want to know which brands provide the best pack and play? or to Read best pack and play reviews? Below is a summary:

  • Coming Kids: Coming Kids is a brand of Dutch origin that offers a wide range of products for baby, toddler, and junior rooms. Coming Kids also offers a variety of stalls and fashionable matching accessories for the nursery such as bedding, mosquito nets, cushions, and lamps.
  • Bopita: Bopita is a well known and reputable brand for your little one. Bopita offers beds, cots and cribs to baby to adult. Bopita has plenty of choices next to it in boxes in a variety of styles: modern, colorful, romantic, but tough.

  • Childwood: Childwood is an attractive brand that supplies various products to decorate an entire baby room or nursery. Think of trendy furniture, mattresses, and bedding. Additionally, Childwood also has boxes and various security products in its range, such as door and stair gates.
  • Bebies First: Bebies First is a trendy brand. Bebies First offers all the children’s rooms, but also occasional furniture like cribs, beds, boxes and wardrobes for your child. Bebies First offers besides a broad assortment also an excellent value for money.
  • Geuther: For more than a century, Geuther is known for its high-quality baby products. Besides boxes, high chairs and cribs Geuther offers a comprehensive range of safety products including stair gates. Geuther is liked as a brand for parents who set extremely high demands on the safety of their child.


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