Orthopedic Pillow? Explaination

Did you not get enough sleep? Do you feel uncomfortable and yawn during the workday? You can stop it. It is only necessary to pay attention to our sleep condition.For more about your sleeping buddies, visit www.bedtimefriends.com.

One spends a third of life on sleeping. The optimists even believe that it is not the worst. Someone with enthusiasm reads dream book, and someone is trying to discover information about the great Leonardo da Vinci, Lenin, Napoleon, Stalin only sleeps 3-4 hours a day, Roosevelt and Einstein, in contrast, spend much time on sleeping.


Doctors believe that there are uniform regulations for those who are lack of sleep. The main thing is when people wake up. Personal different needs of sleep on hereditary factors are the quality of sleep, age, circadian rhythms of the body and the degree of fatigue. Sometimes a man thinks that he slept, but in reality, he just does not remember how it is – to feel well-off. If you yawn during work, your attention will be dispersed, memory and aging will fail, the head hurts, You will not get enough sleep, and you can not completely relax in your sleep.

There are many reasons. The modern men sleep less than people in the past. According to scientific research, our ancestors slept for 20% more time. Secondly, our ancestors do not have a TV, a car, not to mention the cell phone. The extra burden on the brain is not the same as ours today. Third, often the wrong head position during sleep, when the neck muscles do not relax, and the cervical vertebral column. Because of this, you get headaches and pain in the neck. Added to this, daily sitting at the computer also has a detrimental effect on the spine. In fact, a devil’s circle. But is it hard to break through?

To improve the quality of sleep, it is only necessary to pay attention to the bedding elements. Mattress – only solid and smooth, but not hard. The pillow should have the anatomical shape to provide a soft feeling, but at the same time, the sustained support of head and neck in sleep so that the physiological curves of the thoracic and cervical spine remain anatomically in the correct position. If you have had spinal cord injuries at work, you need to sit a lot at the computer, or you are often at the wheel for the prevention and treatment of spine disorders, the use of special orthopedic pillows under the back which gives the maximum range of the spine support in this case.

These orthopedic pillows, or rather, their prototypes were known in the distant past. In ancient Egypt, it drags ivory special stand on the leg, in the East Dutch colonists, a special pillow in the form of a long densely packed materials in hand roll, similar to the modern Sofa pillow. On it, they lean during sleep for maximum relaxation of the spine. In Japan, Geisha slept on wooden cushions for more safety complex hairstyles. But by the way, as sleeping pillows and representatives of other classes – for example, this pillow is for a beautiful geisha due to the fact that during sleep the spine is not broken blood circulation and the muscles are not tense, i.e., Neck curl. Around the bed, there was more comfortably wooden pillow tied up to the special roller tightly packed cotton, buckwheat shell or hay. There are also bamboo memory pillow that can serve for the same purpose.

The Japanese, touching concerns for centuries for their health, there is even a proverb – “twisted neck.” Pillows filled with down, feathers or wool invented by the Romans. And many other nations also have proverbs, for example, in traditional Russian “What soft fluff? Grabber.” It turns out that the centuries – old experience of the MeNschen says that a pleasant and comfortable to sleep on a firm, but not hard surface.

What is most the most interesting is that in many disorders of the spine and other organs of the movement, doctors often forbid on a soft sleep, but the contraindications for the use of mattresses and pillows are absolutely not.

The manufacturers have responded quickly to the needs of modern people (who want to avoid the strain of the spine and who want to sleep well). In the market of orthopedic pillows, there are many variants available. There are Danish, Italian pillows – they are of good quality, but expensive, there are Chinese – cheap, but do not have the necessary properties. The pillows have a memory effect, are perforated, heat-sensitive, made from a variety of modern materials. And the price also depends on the quality of the pillow itself.

Buy them in different places – from questionable sales to specialized chain stores. Of course, in the latter case, the likelihood of getting a product with poor quality is practically non-existent.


Well-known brands on the market are TRELAX, Tempur, Fabe Essere, Lordflex store, Bedding PLACIDO, ORMATEK. For example, on the internet, you can find orthopedic pillows from TRELAX – with perforation, which is air-permeable, which increases the moisture and heat, have a “memory effect” and thus protects the spine from the injury. The pillow consists of two rollers, the height of which is somewhat different. They can be adjusted for the best comfort for users by choosing the degree of bolster cervical vertebrae. Specialists in the store will help you choose a pillow for your needs and with a view of the budget.

As in ancient times, a pillow is now filled with buckwheat husks (ie the fruit bowl). Our ancestors have long noticed that with this filler improves sleep, reduces fatigue and irritability. Pillow made of buckwheat spelled has a comfortable stiffness and thus “memory effect” in addition to filler hypoallergenic and is well suited for people with asthma. Microchip and normal pressure occur through the stress shell.

Latex and polyurethane foam of the invention of our days. Latex is made of a soft and elastic rubber. The material has a durability (lifespan more than 10 years). The special structure of the material, which consists of a variety of cells, does not allow moisture to accumulate, which is useful for hygienic purposes.

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