Although many people are strange when I say, I enjoy much more the terrace of my house in winter than in summer. This is mainly due to a factor: the sun. In the cold months is a precious commodity, and my priceless able to leave one January morning to breakfast in the heat of the warm sun under a cheap popup canopies for sale

Since we want to treat the subject “sunscreen” exhaustively and look for effective ways of shading a terrace or sitting in the garden, it should be at the beginning, the easiest and most convenient variant called and that is planting a shade tree. Somehow this idea is not widely used, probably because you do not like leaves, or because it is believed that a tree will be huge. But there are some smaller trees with broad shade crowns that you can plant in the seat.


Another green variant of terrace shading is the installation of a pergola, which is planted with various climbing plants. Again, there are concerns that then the green but very overgrown (as wisteria, knotweed). But even here, it is only the question of whether to plant halt appropriate, hardly rampant shrubs.


The so-called solar sail is actually a shade sail, and when it is mounted stably, it’s a great way to make your stay on the porch in the summer pleasant. About this sail awnings I have written elsewhere. Here me the Notice be allowed, that on the porch at noon dazzling and bright materials, and can be annoying and so I do not clever to install a white sail it, because it can increase the glare.

Terrace awnings, retractable awnings

The next technological improvement is the installation of an awning, which ideally off with an engine or stop by hand crank and can be rolled up. (P.S. the aforementioned awning is available in roll-up versions).
The special thing to note here is that the truly stable fastening on the building façade, and that you have bought a rainproof awning of the highest quality.

Accordion awning

(Picture above) This is used outdoors only a sun canopy or under the glass roof of conservatories. But as sunscreen under terrace roofs made of glass, they are very practical. In connection with the glass or over the roof to function optimally. In free space, I find not very convenient.

Patio roof, veranda

Last, let us the roof terrace called that sure more has the function of the rain hood, but on hot summer days, it also raises the cool shade. A canopy can cool a room located behind it or it is also reminiscent of the porch, which is the pleasant shaded version of the winter garden.

But I will mention also the possibility that it formerly was before. This is the villa room (or call it terrace room), which is closely connected with the garden. This one creates, for example, by the installation of sliding windows, or through wide patio doors and a room level, that is at ground level with the garden.


I left for the end my favorite shade; that of a tree. There’s nothing like relaxing or dining under the shade, so if you have a small garden or a rather large terrace, do not fail to plant one, or several, depending on the garden and the terrace, deciduous if possible, to give shade in summer and let the sun go in winter. If you prefer a fruit also you will enjoy the aroma and taste of its fruit when they arrive.

The downside is that trees grow more slowly than the vines, so you may enjoy a good shade to play with your grandchildren or directly are they who enjoy, depending on the age that you may have now.


Summing up a little, we have four options to get a good shade.

  • The umbrella, for those who have chosen the guidance of their terrace well and / or just need a day shade for a while in a small area.
  • The awning, for lovers of dense and ample shade, especially for south-facing terraces.
  • Pergolas with climbing, ideal for a quiet and natural environment without giving up a good shade. They require patience and care, but is appreciated.
  • Trees, paradise of shadows, but it takes a lot of space, patience and planning. Only fit for foodies with large terraces or gardens.

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