Nowadays, cutting the grass in the garden are all concerned, because the lawn by hand is very heavy. If you have a  best electric start self propelled lawn mower today, you should know about the history of lawn mowers.

The machine lawn mowers used as treasure by those handy features and especially not cause the noise level when mowing. Electric lawn mowers until now not too strange device with people when there are reputable providers of top firms from the US, Japan, Sweden with diverse types of product models, strains type… with some outstanding main functions:

  • There Lightweight and ergonomically designed, optimized blade ideal for every gardener.
  • Functions to switch quickly from pruning to cutting edges
  • Capacity to work reasonably, use the power available with electric power change stability
  • Some types of advanced technologies E-Drive: Gear system optimized torque the operation of lawnmowers
  • The gardens, the old grass, sicken more beautiful manicured cleaner with absolutely first rate cut convenience and safety

Over 25 years with rubber trees, private company directors have seen and understood the difficulties and hardships of rubber workers. Because want to free labor power of workers, improve work efficiency, he was thinking and decided to use the electric start self propelled lawn mower effective in the rubber plantations with a large area. To increase performance and reduce the amount of hard work for the workers, which express the vision and leadership of the Director, when he heard us say he wanted to meet to learn about the use of the electric start self-propelled lawn mower, he enthusiastically put aside the whole work to chat with us. He said: In a period, the entire rubber industry implementation leguminous turf grass along streams, to keep the color of the water and soil, prevent erosion, but asked not to be to the grass grow on the tall runway history. So the discovery unveiled annual legumes for replanting orchards, planting, basic construction requires care, high investment costs.

best electric start self propelled lawn mower

A director who feels the need to how to reduce investment costs. Since then, he had the idea of improvement and perfection to put to use the transmitter unit is composed of motor parked on grass planting garden peas. He said: “Seeing the difficulties of care workers, as urged me to make quickly cutting tools, lawn lifted by mechanized to reduce labor intensity of workers.” With remarkable function lawn, use machinery is more efficient than human labor put into use, so the lawn mower to cut grass in areas with a large area, the much more effective grass is hiring laborers to cut grass by hand. Which worked well on uneven terrain, rugged as: having a tree, brick, and stone … he has to add more to the blades, lift the rod-like spring suspension system of the motorcycle.

Through the use the electric start self-propelled lawn mower to cut grass in the rubber trees with huge area., Effectiveness and benefits are clear. He calculated: one day the machine can make up to 25 hectares, 25 hectares are to do with how to do it manually as before requiring a few dozen people. At the time of labor shortage, this initiative is a problem or. One “solution” solves many difficult situations before. Economic efficiency was obvious but more important is the care of a garden catch up, especially when the labor shortage, saving 61% of the cost compared to the collector, discovered by hand, creating sources of green manure for rubber trees evenly in 2 eyelid runway.

Through practical testing in recent years, the machine is a very flexible operation, simple but effective. When moving from one region to another, can lift off the ground cutting unit, easy disassembly machine when finished … The system uses a rotary cutter, including the operation was cut, leaving ven grass was also present built by the technical standards flow path.

Guide to using the electric start self-propelled lawn mower

Cut grass in the garden is would rather hard work and make the time-consuming, but we could tidy up our garden by the lawn mower support; gardeners will not get many times for this working with machines and safety working clothing. So you need to know the useful information to cut grass in your garden conveniently, how to cut grass with the right technical and the safety, how to maintenance the machine and check the happening problem in using the process. There are guides below will give the useful guide for you:

Preparing safety work clothing and machines:

Include long pants (to prevent grass and stones), protective hat and maybe sunglasses (to keep out of sunlight radiate make stressful mental and vision). You don’t listen to music from cell phone, other music devices when you are working; this action will make you could listen to alerts of everyone around or the machine breakdowns when they are working.

Carrying protective headphone:

In-ear headphone with iPod, for instance, it is not able to protect your hearing. With this case, you need to take a protective headphone which prevents noise is produced in the operating time of the machines.

Process of operating the lawn mower

  • Starting electric start self-propelled lawn mower machine:

Ordinary, there is a start button with machines that use starting part by electric or a snatch robe with machines that not use electrical starting part. Warm up and let to cut grass in your garden.

  • Cutting process:

First, remove all weeds by hand. To do the work more efficiently, You have to understand about the device you’re using, the knowledge required. You have to know for sure which part of the duty is mowing machine and separate the functions of each unit while operating. When mowing, you can cut the grass horizontally or vertically is up to you, you find convenient to cut vertically with about an area of grass to cut; you cut them vertically. But recommends that the cut grass is cut at least one strip and cut in a strip longer.

  • Grass cutting by another directions:

You cut in one direction, while the opposite route you cut the other line is finished will come. Overall this is a zig zag cut to shape, with this cutting style requires carefully and slowly. But the recommendation is that you should cut to many different directions to limit the cut shortcomings, you check the container was much grass is not grass, as well, then you can re-use grass as a fertilizer is good for crops. Depending on the area of about the grass needs cutting style that you choose the most appropriate cutting, special attention is not cutting the grass that still doubt many foreign objects such as stones in the grass, steel… because it is very danger insurance for the device. When all the grass is cut as desired, turn off the engine. Check again blades of the lawn mower about grass, clear them before storing in your warehouse.

Maintenance’s the lawn mower:

  • Caring mower’s engine:

Clean regularly the mower’s engine is an important work, if using in a long time, dust and impurities will cover over the engine, and its surface will be affected.

Beside clean outside, clean air filter and oil filter for the engine is still so important. If they are dirty, the power of the engine is going to be reduced.

Note, remember to check lubricating oil of engine regularly, this is advice that you should pay attention. If the lubricating oil is insufficient, the engine will be hot and the operating time affected badly.

You need to replace and top up the new lubricating oil:

  1. For used machines about 1-2 years: If the engine is hard to start, you should replace the new spark plug, control gasoline and fuel tank for finding dirty water or sediment, assemble air filter to check. With machines have air filter parts which located near the ground, would be full of dust that settled. Generally, after 1-2 years used time, the difficulty explosion because how we use the mower.
  2. For used machines about 2-3 years: The engine is hard to start. First, you check the fuel PVE nylon hoses; maybe they are loose or cracked (including the passage of the fuel tank). In the best, you need to replace the new tubes and check oil filter, replace the new one if it is dirty Furthermore, you disassemble the spark plug for checking its ignition. When the spark plug still works well, maybe there is a leak anywhere.

The safety rules while operating the electric start self-propelled lawn mowers

Today, the electric start self-propelled lawn mowers are widely used in the care of the environment and landscape, as well as campus offices, workshops, garden ponds. However, the use of the standard lawn mower is not yet well-versed users and understand. So grasp and understand the rules when operating the machine to secure for the user while increasing the working life of the machine, allowing you to use more durable, cost savings and assured when using:

  • Do not use the machine in a closed because of the grass will be cut pile, cleaning difficult and affects the tight spaces
  • You remember to use the electric start self-propelled lawn mower weeding grass in places away from inflammable and explosive range of 1 m or more.
  • You must not be lit petrol when the machine is running, is mowing the lawn.
  • Not smoke when lit petrol.
  • Do not refuel excessive, spilling out.
  • You must wear full protective gear when operating the machine, using a full range of equipment that uses to ensure safety.
  • Do not let the blade collide into hard objects during cutting.
  • Regional operating the machine must be far from people and objects within a radius of 15 meters.
  • Not touch the blade when the machine is not constantly provided (very dangerous easily cause accidents)
  • Do not start the machine when the generator damaged or loose bolt.

Recommended maintenance schedule for the electric start self-propelled lawn mowers

  • You need to remember to check lubricant, air filter before operating the machine, put to use due to lack of lubrication, oil is too dirty filter can cause damage to the machine, affecting work performance and age the life of the machine.
  • Check blade of grass, the gap of the gas tube, safety status of bolts, nuts, whenever operating the machine.
  • You need to remember instead of lubricant to work after 10 hours and after every 50 hours of periodic.
  • You clean the air filter after 50 hours of work.
  • Replace spark plugs and sanitation afterburner 300 working hours.
  • Check the fuel tank and the toilet after every 100 hours of operation.
  • Trigger gap adjustment after every 100 hours of work

Storage the machine in the less-using conditions

  • You remember pouring out of gas in the fuel tank out big
  • Hand print on small fuel tank for gasoline emptied out.
  • Drain out the old lubricant oil and add the new lubrication
  • Cleaning the fuel filter in the fuel tank.

Inspection methods for the machine does not start

  • Check the fuel in the fuel tank large
  • Check gasoline in the carburetor
  • Check the engine lubrication.
  • Check ignition spark plugs

If the machine does not boot without the above error after you check out a turn, do not the self-edit machine, unplug the device itself, but ask experts for advice repair. Take off to a repair shop equipment for the professional mechanic for your viewing.

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