The choice of interior paint and a paint sprayer in the painting is not a simple thing.  If you want to paint your house interior so beautiful, economical and durable paint sprayers, you should have a best paint sprayer for furniture. Currently, on the market there are many products of the paint sprayer for the interior paint is to choose the best equipment you need to have the experience, knowledge. Through this article, by the experience of painted users who have used and evaluated as useful knowledge, I will give you two choices to choose a paint sprayer for your consideration. That’s two products of the two product well-known companies at the moment. There is a lot of under useful information, tips and hope it will help you a lot, so you can paint the interior of your home so beautiful, best paint savings and save your budget.

Painting the furniture of your house itself is important because the feng shui color choices greatly affect the future health as well as the work of everyone in your family. Besides if the color is the aesthetic elements considered most important, the smooth cover, waterproof, and reliability are the necessary conditions to meet criteria two beautiful and save the house painted.

Coverage and reliability: a significant influence on the beauty house. If you use the cheap paint with the poor quality, you will soon realize its mistake when the house quickly degraded by the non-stick coating, easy peeling, and markers. The choice of high durability paint will help save costs and the cost of paint furniture refinishing. Some requirements when after finishing painting furniture:

  • Nice smooth surface
  • Clean formidable
  • Backfill the perfect small cracks
  • Antibacterial effect
  • Prevent mold optimization

Colors: Cold tones favored by widely expressed, cool. Warm colors, it will be difficult to incorporate more appropriate, but it will also make your home become very personality

Waterproofing: you should especially pay attention to the objective external factors such as weather, the conditions around that make appropriate choices for their homes. With the weather with heavy rainfall and high humidity, the type of high waterproofing paint is the preferred option.

Steps to paint the wooden furniture of your house

best paint sprayer for furniture

Using the old furniture is not a new problem with the modern house of today. After a period of use, the furniture in your house will be fading, they look old, would look very bad. So to save money to buy furniture for the house, the simplest way is that you paint all kinds of old furniture. To use the old furniture we need to refresh it and re-create the original feature. If they are old, do not throw them away, the painting will make them new again, beautiful and important things that you can continue to use them. You can paint your furniture easy and efficient.  Paint by yourself with old furniture is not difficult, you just need to be prepared in advance and follow the steps as follows:


  • Specify the type of paint, paint and painting method that suits you. Guns for better surface but requires large investments in equipment. The spray paint cans but also for the beautiful surface and relatively high cost. Brush painting method is still the most commonly used.
  • Prepare the necessary tools and paint guns, paint brushes (should choose the good kind, not molt when scanning), washcloth, underwear beneath the floor to avoid wire.
  • Prepare the wood surface: Remove all accessories such as handles protrude, hitch pin. Other details such as locking sink, sink latch should be covered with tape. If the surface is not painted ever you need to review the cracks, holes and filling them with putty. Use fine sandpaper polished substrate.

The process of painting

Step 1: First you paint a primer

First, you should paint the entire surface of the furniture to be painted with a primer. This primer should be applied very thinly and evenly.

 Step 2: Coating items / furniture

After the primer to dry, you proceed to create a coating. If you remember to use paint brushes dimensional scan of the wood grain, the paint will easily fill the gaps and leave little trace more brooms. If the coating is still thin, you can paint one layer more.

 Step 3: Finishing

Wait dry, insert the details in place and put into use. Remember to check the paint dry completely dry because if only the painted surface very easily damaged by collision.  With repainting old furniture like this, you absolutely have the ability to own a piece of furniture completely new wood they are even more eye-catching and beautiful when you just bought. Important is the preparation you have to choose carefully, carefully chosen matching paint your furniture is wood or plastic, artificial wood or natural wood… Or you can ask experts for advice on the type of paint to be more perfect job.

Tips choose the best paint sprayer

To paint the furniture in the house, you can paint with a brush and a paint sprayer with paint applied by brush … but is not very nice at the surface paint, the paint does not have and is not durable … Therefore, we recommend you should buy a paint sprayer to paint the furniture in your home in your spare time, can paint anytime and so save time as well as your money. In today’s market there are many manufacturers paint sprayer, with many designs, sizes and prices vary. Products originating from China is cheap but the quality is not good, there are two renowned firms from the USA is GRACO, and WAGNER with product and spray paint on a very good, very suitable for painting furniture in the house yours. In this article, I will provide you with useful knowledge about using a paint sprayer, how to maintain and repair them. Hopefully through this article, you will be easier for you to choose the best paint job for your sprayer.

Using a paint sprayer

The pressure of air when used for air compressors

Pressure for gun paint sprayer is generally from 0:24 to 0:29 depending on the type Mpa and equipment that you adjust the air pressure so that it matches. In most cases, you just let the pressure of 3 kg is satisfactory. Particularly with low-pressure paint sprayer gun use only 0.1 MPa to 0:15 MPa (1 to 1.5 kg of air pressure), the spray nozzle pressure is also low. This technology you can understand as an orange when you throw it against the wall if you hurl it will bounce back strongly, but when you throw lightly, it will bounce back slightly. This moment will stick by peeling paint adhesion.

If you use a paint sprayer gun low pressure to 6 kg of air pressure, not only will not save the paint, but also a waste of paint than conventional paint gun. There are many products if used properly, can save 25-50% of the paint. So many painters to 6 kg of air pressure are common mistakes or encountered.

Using the air compressor with a capacity greater than or equal to the capacity of the paint spray gun

For portable spray paint will require air compressor with a capacity of 0.4 kW to 1.5 usually kw or 0.5 HP to 2 HP (1HP = 0.75 kw). When you use the air compressor has enough capacity, then spray paint the furniture is new and nice smooth. If not enough capacity requirements, the paint particles will be ejected to and not smooth, this time covering coats are very bad furniture.

The safety rules when using the paint sprayer equipment

  • Check carefully everything in the area including the pump and spray paint containers, whether any explosive material or obstructing objects in your painting process.
  • With control unit, you must check to make sure that it was grounded or not, and grounded with material to be painted
  • To clean the hooks, hangers and bars installed before proceeding with spray paint because that is where we set up to paint furniture. If they are dirty, then the process will paint the same painting sticky dirt on furniture, it is harmful to furniture.
  • You need to remember the full gloves, safety boots and respirators, goggles and helmet. We will protect you from the paint during painting, the paint stick and ear or eye, so is hazardous and must not be left in the paint masks to your paint into the lungs is extremely dangerous.
  • Check the gas hose, nozzle coating can see where not clogged, no leak somewhere. Check the air pressure and the pressure of the fluid, check the notification light on the device.

Maintenance the paint sprayer

  • When not in use, you need to turn off the device completely.
  • When hanging the paint gun, you just hang it head down to the amount only after the work of paint will flow out.
  • Check the gas nozzle and cap paints. If the paint is still attached you need to clean them with a soft brush and solvent. Clean the gun body.

With furniture paint, then we should choose the model’s paint gun diameter is 1.3 or 1.5 fluid needle. Paint now used as functional (coated and glossy)

  • Control speed : speed from 30-60 cm/s
  • Spray overlap : rolling paint at ½ – 1/3 of the paint injection
  • Suitable distance : between the paint gun sprayer and coated surface from 200-300 mm
  • Width side of spraying : adjust for spraying with the coated surface a width about 10 cm
  • Angle spray: Spray gun and spraying material to form a 90 degree angle to operate.
  • These situations encountered and how to solve the furniture spray paint

After painting, the paint not be sprayed

  • You need to check the steam pipe
  • You check the paint gun and clean, wash parts in solvents.
  • Check back of the nozzle needle paint
  • You check the paint was mixed with dust or dirt see the falls and mixed into the coating solution is not, if it is dirty, you take a new paint filter or replace parts

Paint out make the large nuts

  • Check the environment around you is working, the ambient wind, pressure regulator to review the paint
  • Check paint gun particulate matter in the lead paint
  • Check the paint for having any problem.

Uneven area dimension of paint spray

  • Check knob spray paint around the area
  • Inspect whether the loss is no obstruction needle
  • Check top gun and wash it for avoid being choked up, soaking the paint gun parts in solvents to wash


  • You always remember cleaning the paint gun after work is completed, the case worked well as you must clean more thoroughly the coating paint system
  • When you clean or disassemble for all parts of paint gun, but you should only clean the paint section passing.
  • Carefully, do not put too much pressure on the fluid needle of paint sprayer , keep the suitable air pressure.

Final thoughts

The work painted furniture has many benefits, cost savings and time for you. However, if after having a paint sprayer appropriate, how to use the expertise and comply with all safety rules during labor. But you should also refer to the color and quality of paint you want to paint on the furniture. Not things you always painted itself as a new beautiful but if you find it difficult to take out furniture repair shop for further advice. Through this article, I hope that will help you a lot to choose the best equipment for your job.

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