It’s summer and that means a lot of people go out! Where will choose a large group to pamper themselves in an all-inclusive resort, there are certainly people we -including – seeking refuge in a camp. Cozy in the tent to let sit outside and cook on a camping couple. And that cooking need not be so complicated! You do not need to eat every night spaghetti with red sauce or chips, also with only one burner, you can make a whole lot of goodies. I’ll give you some tips for cooking on camping and betting that you eat just relax? See the camping meal ideas.


Assuming the weather is nice on the site, are always welcome salads dishes for dinner. And also easy to camping because you do not need a fire or gas. Do you go for salads it may be that you need a gas stove, but thus you will very probably save? Find some room to cut and aim all ingredients in a large bowl. In an instant, you will have a wonderfully light but nourishing meal on the table without having to toil over steaming pots. And let’s face it, we just do not always sit waiting for during the holidays, right? I’m just dived into the archives of OMF and have put the best tasting salads for you here where you do not have or need a single gas burner.

  • Lukewarm spinach salad: to make it easy on yourself leaves you just cold meat and fry gently not only in the frying pan to. Use the onions raw and then you only need one gas burner to cook your eggs. Do not forget to find a faucet to wash the spinach!
  • Hot (Or cold) tortellini salad: still one of my favorite (summer) salads, so filling but so appetizing. And the finest of all, it can not cost much time! Only one gas burner you need to cook the tortellini. And if you have a full day if you wake up now just a few minutes takes time, you evening salad eat cold. Keep covered him in a cooler bag and he remains tenable beautiful the rest of the day.
  • Lukewarm Potato salad: an absolute hit at the grill but also very sweet to serve with a crisp green salad next to it as a main course.
  • Pasta main course: salads with pasta always do well. One gas stove you need to cook the pasta cooked, you can make fine for the rest without. Make this salad ready in advance because cold he remains the very best.
  • Sushi Salad: very excited sushi but no time/sense/space to stand sushi rolls? Then Mik all ingredients together in a bowl, season to taste with a little soy sauce and voila, you’re in no time a delicious sushi salad on the table that could well serve as dinner.
  • Antipasti salad: no need for the heat source for what you want? Make an extra large bowl and serve with crisp, fresh baguette or ciabatta with a good glass of wine. Enjoy!
  • Quinoa salad: healthy, quick and delicious ready to serve at the grill!
  • Mexican salad: and last but certainly not least, the Mexican salad, a perfect salad to serve at the camp because you can choose endlessly from here relish.

Single / two pans dishes

Hot dishes where you have only one or two pans are of course most ideal for needed. At the campsite, you often do not have access to a full stove, at least not if you stay in a tent, and are easy dishes welcome. And fortunately we did on OMF for some things stand, so you can still tasty cooking at the campsite!

  • Wraps always do well at the camp because here you often need only one or maximum two pans. Choose recipes that you do not need an oven and put someone else to cut. Ideal! Some lovely wrap recipes that you can make good on the site: Beef tacos, chicken quesadillas, pizza Dilla’s (make them in the pan instead of in the oven!) And the summer version of the quesadillas.
  • Couscous with Feta, tasty with a fresh salad and a piece of meat from the barbecue.
  • Fried rice, the rice cook a day ahead and put it in a sealed container away. The next day you just one pot needed!
  • Chicken Jambalaya, a real summer dish tasty and easy to make. You also do not need special ingredients here, so you’ll probably be able to find everything in the local supermarket.
    He is still just past: the old, familiar, simple old-school macaroni. Nothing wrong with taking some spice bag from home to the camp.
  • Pasta pesto, if you still want to eat pasta but do not want to be stuck with the standard tomato sauce and do not want to get started with a complex sauce.

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